Monday, August 10, 2009

Blog Promotion

An article I thought you guys might like:

For those who wish to make money online blogging should definitely be a consideration not only to support an existing website marketing campaign, but for a standalone business endeavor. For older marketers that understand the importance of backlinks and how they have driven the old web into what it is they may have issues letting go of the older ways of marketing and stepping into the newer field of marketing and online business in general. Blogs in themselves have brought forth the Web 2.0 or a web where rather than showing the visitor what you offer the option for 2 way communication is now open and should be utilized through the use of different networking sites such as facebook, twitter, and myspace all of which offer the ability for a static website to open lines of communication with its visitors.

We have also seen a new generation of social bookmarking beginning to rise where the incorporation of blogging becomes increasingly compressed and integrated meaning you now have sites such as technorati doing you marketing for your blog as long as your blogs authority stays in the thousands (something extremely difficult to do it took months before mine rose above 100. Still the option of using these excellent promotional resources and social medias have increased exponentially.

Now to really understand the fundamentals of blog promotion we must understand the attraction which people have with the blogosphere. I find the biggest ting which drives someone to a blog is when that person is looking for info or perhaps a different aspect on a subject. They can do a blog search or regular search and if you have properly optimized your blog they find you and begin reading your blog. There will be a couple things this person is looking for first of which they will check and see how old the post is making sure the info they are reading is not severely outdated and the blog itself is not dead. This is why when you run a blog keeping it updated very regularly is extremely important. The number one thing that blogging has compared to other informational platforms or presences is the ability to spread info within hours sending a story, thought, or idea screaming across the web with speed unmatched by traditional media. When you read something on a blog more than likely it is from that day compared to a newspaper where the idea can be days if not week old. Another advantage blogging has over other informational gateways is the reader gets to pick where they gain the information. This means that you must separate yourself from others writing about the same concepts and ideas whether it be through your means of obtaining info or your writing style there has to be something that separates your writing from those around you. This is actually a promotional concept within the blogosphere and differs from conventional website marketing.

So when promoting a blog let’s focus on the differences from traditional marketing. First use social media’s constantly trying to get your blog as the focus of buzz in these communities. Second make sure that your info is different in some way from those around you and is consistently updated with fresh, unique, and helpful content.


  1. Stumbleupon is the best social bookmarking website out there. That is usually the most traffic source I got from.

  2. @webpage lottery I agree with you..SU indeed is one of the best social bookmarking sites out there...I've also noticed after signing an account there and stumbling my traffic greatly increased, too..another of my favorite social bookmarking site is delicious.