Friday, August 7, 2009

Free Off-Line Promotion

Well some of these may require you to purchase items, but I just wanted to go over some of the different free ways you can market your website. Now like the other posts on this blog the different aspects of marketing should be used in conjunction with many different marketing techniques. Lets move into some of the different ways:

1. Print out business cards. Like I said to do this you may need to purchase some different items, but whenever you leave your house and perhaps a discussion begins about what you do; you can hand the potential client a business card explaining your services and have the websites URL on the back or wherever you feel it looks best.

2. Print out 1000 flyer's or so. This will take quite a bit of leg work and I would like to stress the same ethics that I teach online you use offline meaning do not spam or place your advert where it should not go. Find stores, gas stations, any place where you can talk to the owner and/or manager and ask them if you can place a flyer for your business. Perhaps you can work something out in other words they let you physically place an ad and you them them virtually place an ad on your website.

3. Get your friends and family to help you advertise. If you become a millionaire then you can pay them back, but on the road to the top you need as much help as possible so get the help of friends and family. Now this can be asking them to place a link at the bottom of their out going email or just explaining what exactly your website is the services it has and ask them if the topic comes up in conversation they discuss with whoever your website.

Anyway just a few tips that are very cost efficient and should be done by anyone trying to gain business to their website. I highly recommend using them since I do on a day to day business. If I come across more ideas I will conduct another post, if you guys have ideas for free off-line marketing please leave a comment.

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  1. Do you think this promotion plan will work?

  2. Off line flyers is a good idea. Here's another one. Put our links on your site and advertise Free Web Services and Promotions on your flyer. A list of our free sites are at includes Twitter Freebies at
    Take advantages of any of these services yourself. Describe something you found was great to use and tell others about it online or offline linking to your site.

  3. R&A Why wouldn't it work you try to gain that one customer at a time and if you can put a flyer or something in a store window as long as you have a catchy name it will work. Personally I am a SEO expert meaning I don't put my time in off-line promotion though I feel that carrying business cards is a must that one I do do. If you are in a big city then searching and useing free off-line promotion should be a must.


  4. I opened a business a few months ago (my wife and I are importing wedding dresses), and this was really helpful. We're handing out TONS of fliers and business cards, and hoping for the best... :)
    Excellent post.