Saturday, August 1, 2009

No Matter What Never Spam Your Readers

You know I have been going over the biggest blogs on the net and have found when a blog gains success the spam rate of the blog jumps exponentially. So you finally get the traffic you need to make real money and decide to take your readers and shove anything that makes you even more money down their throats I do have a real problem with this. I could name names, but since it is kinda pointless (the greedy won't change their ways) I will let you find them. Really the easiest way to find the majority is type make money online into Google and look at all the most recent posts you will find the blogger way is slowly turning and no more is it free information it is becoming "buy my program and get the information". No longer is the thousands monthly from advertisements enough they must screw the poor who come to their blogs looking for help only to find someone else ready to charge them.

Mabye I am looking at it wrong should info be free? I mean knowledge drives the web fresh content is the deciding factor between failure and success of a web presence should I judge those who wish to capitalize on every dime?

I noticed a blog (again I can't give the link) who taught e-marketing and did a great job. They showed you everything from A-Z and had a huge amount of interactivity with their readers. This person teamed up with another and set up a new blog even though the older one was making plenty of money and for this new marketing blog/info they charged for the service/info. Do they need the money? Well having one of the highest ranked sites for internet marketing I highly doubt the person needed to charge for the info, but they did and for taking money from their readers I look down on them especially when adsense would have sufficed.

Anyways I am getting off work and have a friend spouting about how he has no addiction even though he has been taking adderall for a year now. He makes me laugh. Talk with you guys later and remember even if you gain success don't start screwing people out of their money when you make plenty through advertising keep giving the info for free and help those around you. I hope you liked the post and remember I can always use help with the link building so if you like the post throw a link on your site or blog.

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  1. This is definitely a big no, no for blog owners to offer products after their blogs became popular and have increased traffic..this could ruin the trusts given to you by your avid readers...when doing some product promotion..always keep in mind to keep it minimal to avoid making your readers feel that you are only after their money.