Sunday, August 9, 2009

Do Your Marketing Research

This could possibly be one of the most important aspect of internet marketing and definitley will show you the amount of work that you will need to comit to before taking the top of Google. You know right now I have the goal of getting 100+ Google hits daily the goal before this one was 50. How do I get 50 Google hits daily and around 20-50 from other sources? Well first I picked out a set of keywords for my site make money online.

When doing the research for this site I wanted a key term which was somewhat easy to reach the top of Google for. The keywords I started and built my site around was make money free. If you go to Google and type in make money free you will see my site I think last time I checked it was 6 I have hit 2, but my want to increase traffic by going after make money online and Grizzly's top spot has let competitors catch my link building for make money free. Now I did not pick make money free because it was a ton of traffic I did my research using this tool:
Google Keyword Tool.

Now put the keywords make money free and then switch the match type from broad to exact and you will see the exact (or very close) amount of people who searched for make money free last month. This will tell you if the keywords you want to be ranked well for are worth going after. If you get a number back like 100 then I highly recommend switching the targetted keywords to something with at least a couple thousand and even if you get the first spot you should only expect to be getting 60% of that. If you are two or three then 20-30% is pretty accurate if you are not in the top three then expect to be fighting over 10% of the traffic. Should you be fighting over 10% of 100 searches? Hell No if you cant be number one which would be about 60 hits monthly then forget about it.

So you found some keywords which you feel are worth going after it is time to begin looking at the competition. Now the most important driving force behind the web is backlinks and should be a consideration when trying to find how much work is needed to be done before reaching the top spot. Personally I really like Yahoo's Site Explorer just type the URL in and it will show you how many links the website has and a list of the top 1000 backlinks your competitor has gained. Now when the number comes back don't get to frustrated this is not the exact number since Yahoo usually counts each and every backlink. You need to really look through the backlinks and see how many are coming from the same source these really only count for a small amount. Example if a site has 100k backlinks, but 50k are from the same place then you have just cut the number in half. So don't stress if the number is huge. Personally I want make money online and my top competitor has 25k backlinks and my site make money online has between 6 and 10 thousand depending on the day I check. The diffrence between these sites is mine has been around since march and my competitor has been around since 2001 so you see the diffrence time makes in your marketing campaign.

Anyway run your competitors through Yahoo's backlink checker or site explorer and see how much work you will need to put in. Then get to work if you need resources to build backlink check the side of this blog and I list thousands of places to get backlinks. The title is "My Best Posts" you will see all the places to get free white hat backlinks free also in the top right of this blog is a free auto article submitter not exactly white hat, but will get you 60 backlinks per article. Anyway I hope you enjoyed the post if so be sure to link thanks for reading.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your knowledge here. It is very informative and helpful. I would not even dare try to go after Grizzly's #1 "make money online" - "them apples are too high up there for me!" Like you said, it took him a good 8 years to get there? But, he is a good teacher.

    I built this blog because of some of the stuff I learned there: Web Sites Free For Beginners at: