Saturday, August 1, 2009

Patience When Link Building

While doing work for a fellow webmaster in the SEO category I noticed that they became frustrated easily and did not understand why the work which I did was not showing up in Yahoo's Site Explorer which you can find by going to and typing in into the query box showing the links which were pointed towards any given URL. I received numerous emails from this individual stating their disappointment in the search engine rankings hoping for a larger increase. These complaints came after only a week after the job was complete. It was then I understood that there were many out there that do not understand the time which it takes for Google and other major search engines to count and update their index to reflect any changes to the web.

First we must understand what the web is and to give you an idea think about the world. Now there are billions of people and trillions of unique thoughts expressions ect. Well the web is similar think about each web page, blog, forum, or other web presence as a person and each new post or unique URL that web presence creates a new thought or expression from that person a unique URL which Google must keep track of. You have a bot we will call it the G-bot running all over the world trying to keep up with any and all changes that are happening. Personally I think if we could put a face to the G-bot it would look like this:

^That's the G-bot who goes all over the world checking up on the billions of people and each new idea which they come up with. Now just like the real world people and ideas each hold their own value. Do we place the same value on the stoner who thought up putting doritos in ice cream and the scientist who comes up with the cure for AIDS? Of course not and it is fine to call an idea stupid (Google does daily). So as the G-bot jumps around he is putting a value on each and every person as well as the ideas which they come up with. Now he does this on a consistent basis usually spending the majority of his time on the most important web pages and if you are new then he will probably ignore your first attempts until you become a well seasoned person with thoughtful ideas (sticking with the expression). Now let's sat G-bot was real how long do you think it would take him to go around the world and list everyone's name? Do you think he could find and list the billions of people in an hour? A Day? Personally I see him being able to fly and extremely fast so my guess would be about a month or two to find all of the different people (websites, blogs, ect) and list them. Now the hard part begins keeping track of each and every new thought which pass through every head on earth. Last year Google hit the 1 trillion unique URL's by now of course there has been a few billion added. You expect the G-bot to come as soon as you have a new idea? Even the huge sites such as Yahoo, You Tube, and CNN have to wait a couple hours for Google to update their new data and you think your ideas are more important? I am afraid not. Usually for the average site with a decent marketing campaign they will be updated once a day. This is going off how often I see the G-bot hitting my site make money online. This took me three months of working 12 hours daily 7 days a week before I saw this much activity so if your not willing to put this much effort into your marketing campaign or are not willing to outsource the work then expect it to take 6 months before you see this much activity. Either way nothing happens online within an hour or less when it comes to the major search engines. Personally I am really hoping this changes, though I doubt it will.

Let's get into the numbers of what you will be looking at before success. If you want to be indexed and submit to the major social bookmarking sites then you should expect to be indexed into Google within 1 day to a week. If you are using such ways as directory submission and article writing then it will take 2 weeks to over a month to be indexed. Now if your worried about your Page Rank this updates on average once every three months so don't expect much until after the first couple and you have had adequate time to build thousands of backlinks. Also this grows on an exponential number so if it took you a hundred links to get PR 1 then expect it to take 1000 to get to 2 and 10k to get to 3. One number I thought was real interesting was Darren over at has a Page Rank of 6 and 576,000 backlinks so this a number to keep in your mind if you want to become an authority in the eyes of Google. Anyway he did not become a success overnight and talks about the time which a blogger must put in before they can really start making money. So you put a link on the web and let say you put it on a source which has a Page Rank of 3 (which is decent). Google will crawl it within a day or two then on the next schedule index update which happens I see usually monthly. So 1 backlink on an authority will take about a month before the complete effect is seen. Now this speeds up if the link is on a more authoritative source and slows down if the link is on a less authoritative source.

Anyway for you new guys I recommend using this time frame when judging whether or not your marketing campaign is working or the work you are out sourcing is taking effect. I recommend you give it at least a month before you start judging. Anyway if you liked the post please link to it just copy and paste this code onto your website or blog:

Anyway thanks for reading I hope you will be back.


  1. Gbot is just an e-santa running round with his little list rewarding all the good boys and girls

  2. I love it that is exactly right and when it catches you have been bad then expect a lump of coal rather than presents.

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