Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Love The Game Or Get Out

Well another day has come and once again I feel like talking about what working online is about. This post will be quite a bit more personal rather than informative. Well I have now held a top ten spot for make money free on Google for a couple of months and of course enjoyed the traffic coming in. I just recently got accepted to become an author at www.buzzle.com and www.ehow.com both very reputable. These should really do well when I attempt to gain exposure for this blog and my other presences across the web. Anyway enough about my stuff it is time to speak of the game.

The game, the game, the blood drenched tower of steel crumbling horrible cutthroat evil vindictive game. This is the world I live in and I personally set out to do good in the world of 90% evil 10% good. My site make money online was not built to make millions, but to give people the chance to make money without paying, it is a website which battles those who wish to take someone that has little and steal that little which they have. Is this a sales pitch well I have tried to use it, but have found that the truth is not always the most productive way when marketing. I have found that offering to make people rich by charging them several hundred dollars for crap such as a couple mini books and a website that has been copied well over a thousand times. These are the forces which I step into the cage with and usually I get beat down since I do not have the financial backing these scam artists do. Have I thought about going over to the dark side and ripping people off? Of course for my personal benefit it would be the best course of action though after making a ton of money my name and site would be ruined thrown into the bucked mixed with scammers. So what do I do? Stay on the straight and narrow or move towards more profitable endeavors not caring about hurting people. Really and truly I have struggled over which is best moral value or money and still to this day choose moral value, but I think if times were hard enough taking someones money not offering near the value being charged would seem like a better and better option as time goes on.

You think the last one is bad? You think that not charging people for scams is hard what about info. This blog gives you the power to take a site or blog and build/market it using white hat techniques that will not only get you to the top of Google, but build a foundation so you will stay at the top and have an everlasting flow of traffic. I have seen other sites that offer the same thing, but never for free yet this blog goes nowhere. I find it funny that when a person is offered something for free they usually opt to pay for the service rather than learning or doing for themselves. When it comes to making money online getting rich quick is what people want and then once they have been scammed out of a few hundred to a few thousand they opt to make legit money from trusted companies. Why must people do this opt for the easy way even though it is all hype.

That my friends brings me to the topic of the post you have to love the game. Personally I love nothing more that writing for you guys and trying to bring you the best info that I possibly can. Does this lead to thousands of followers even though I market, ping, and update daily? No I have like 5 or so even though my blog is the second blog for the keyword website marketing blog. I find it very interesting I reach the top of SERPs yet very few still follow me. Well it is for the few readers that I post every day such as SAP Jobs who comments often and really drives me to help. By the way SAP if you would like me to discuss something please let me know. Anyway if you don't love being online and understand that you will get screwed over and over then working online is right for you. The last note I would like to leave on is do your best and please work on making this web a great place if you see a resource which is free and helpful spread it to others. I do constantly on this blog and hope that it will be paid back in return though I am not holding my breath. Anyway best of luck to you thanks for reading.


  1. this is a great post! keep up the top work!

  2. great read!.. well written and fom the heart. thanks.

  3. Thanks hope you guys will be back to comment on future posts:)

  4. Thank you for all the great posts from last year! I look forward to reading your blog, because they are always full of information that I can put to use. Thank you again, and God bless you in 2010.

  5. Online marketing is not for everybody...it is same with offline businesses, if you are not prepared to give your time, effort and not to mention capital on it..then don't start it..however, once you've done your part correctly when setting up the website, then for sure you'll reap the fruits of your hard work.