Friday, June 12, 2009

Getting More Exposure For Your Blog

First I have to recommend a blogger who specializes in this field you can find his blog at Pro Blogger. His posts have increased the traffic to my blogs and website greatly. Anyway lets get on to a couple ways that you can increase the exposure for you blog.

The best way that you can increase the traffic and readership in a blog is to join a blogging community. Personally the one that has helped me out greatly is Technorati. This is the largest blogging community online today, be sure after you join to get the button letting people add your blogs to their technorati favs. This website also has a search feature allowing you to find other blogs within your niche. Once you find them begin commenting even if the blog is nofollow. If you communicate with the blogger then you will have a higher chance developing a relationship, which in the long run will prove useful when your looking for someone to work out a cross promotional marketing campaign with.

Of course any blogger is worried about organic traffic (traffic which comes from search engines). There is only two things you will need to do when trying to gain rank within the SERPs. First and most important is to post on your blog daily the search bots love looking through new content. The second is a little more difficult, build thousands of backlinks pointing towards your post. There are a couple things that will help you do this.

First if you are a blogger you should not fear writing and rather enjoy it since to be successful you will need to do a lot of it. After you have posted to your blog it is a good idea to take that post and submit it to a couple of article directories. Here is a list of like 400 directories listed with PR- Article List. Now after you submit your blog be sure to leave the link in the author bio. Then take 3 or 4 hours and write 4 or 5 five hundred word articles. Go down the list and submit each to 40-50 article directories. I find it good to rotate, but this is your marketing campaign the important thing is to gain as many backlinks as you can. Two article directories which allow their visitors to take the articles and reprint them as long as the keep the links is Article Base and Go Articles. Every post and article should be submitted here this is one of the easiest ways to get backlinks; people republish and you get a free backlink. Personally I use hundreds of these articles monthly on other blogs and I make sure to leave all links intact if I use your article then you have already received a free one way backlink from me. Anyway article writing and submissions should play one of the key aspects in your marketing campaign.

Blog commenting on do follow blogs. Now this will let you establish communication with the blog owner as well as get backlinks. Since I have already explained why it is important to build relationships with bloggers let's get into how to find do follow backlinks. Personally I use three sources when looking first is a do follow blog directory- Do Follow Blog Directory the second two are search engines- Do Follow Blog Search Engine and Second Do Follow Blog Search Engines. These will allow you to gain quick and easy backlinks; be sure to comment on the post not leave a crappy spam message it will be rejected I delete them consistently on this blog. Oh by the way this blog is do follow so if you would like a free one way backlink just comment on this post.

Well those two resources should help you get gain position in the search engines I would like to cover some aspects of tags you should be using in your post especially when posting outgoing links. If the link is to a website or blog you would like to give link juice (webmaster term which implies the amount of authority a link has when pointing to a URL). If you do not want to give link juice then inside your anchor tag which will look like a href="" /a you will want to place rel="nofollow" in between the a and href. Do this for every link that you do not want to help. I pretty much do it for every link I list and the only way I will take the rel="nofollow" away is if the blogger or webmaster places a link to one of my blogs or my website.

The second thing you should be placing between the a and the href is target="_blank". What this does is when your visitor clicks on the link it opens in a new window. Here check it out here is a link without the target="_blank" make money online and here is one with make money online. Do you see how the second opens in a new window? Well this helps you keep a visitor on your page remember that the online loves surfing so when they click on your blog they may click off on a link you offer and totally forget to keep reading. Place the target="_blank" and once they are done reading a reference such as the list of article directories that I listed above once they close the window my blog will be there staring at them and more than likely if they have time they will continue reading and possibly become a reader.

Anyway remember I need alot of backlinks to reach the top of my niche so any backlinks you can give either on your website or blog will be very helpful and I appreciate. If you would like a free one way link feel free to leave a comment just make sure it is about the post and not advertising your website. If you have any questions or suggestions on future posts I would love to hear them just leave them in the comments section. Make sure to sign up and become a reader:)


  1. Fantastic article :) Just about to follow you on Twitter too.

  2. I just want to add, you can also try creating some link wheels..I've tried it on my site and it really did help in getting my site on the 1st page of SERPs...also you can try doing some guest can ask your fellow bloggers who share the same niche with you if you can post some of your articles on their blog...this could be a great exposure to your site because you'll be able to reach wider audience.