Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Website Marketing Tips

I would like to discuss some important aspects when trying to market a website or blog. When I say website marketing I am also talking about blog marketing, forum marketing, squido lenses, and any other web presences. Anyway when you begin marketing the most important thing to keep in mind is that the niche you are entering has had websites and/or blogs building backlinks for a while so to catch up you will need to put in quite a bit of work and be VERY patient.

One key aspect of being successful online is when trying to pick a niche it is important that you have passion for what ever category of web presence you are setting up. You will have to fight through the ranks of thousands or millions depending on how competitive your niche is. When you get tired you will have to love the subject enough to write new content and read the top blogs in your niche. The usual consensus for getting to the top of Google for a certain key term is 6 months to a year. Personally I think this is a little much since I reached excellent position for many keywords within months, though I worked at it 12 hours a day 7 days a week for 3 and a half months so I guess if you are only able to work on your blog or website for a few hours daily then it could take this long.

Now dedication is a very important aspect of internet marketing, but so is learning. It is crucial to gaining and staying successful that you stay on top of not only new ideas that are coming out in your niche, but also new marketing technologies which seem to appear daily. Don't expect to keep up on everything happening online, but it is a good idea to stay up with some of the prominent bloggers (such as myself lol) as well as Darren over at Pro Blogger, John Chow at John Chow Dot Com, and Yaro's Blog. These are the top bloggers online today and should be listened to so I give my full recommendation that you stay up with their writings.

I talk a lot about backlinks and if you look in my side bar find "my top posts" where I list excellent places to get backlinks. One thing I feel that I have perhaps missed when explaining how to get backlinks is the theory of viral spreading and link bait both of which means you gain backlinks without any personal work. In my top posts I list Top 55 Social Bookmarking Sites. Now if you click the link you will notice the Page Rank does not change meaning it has received it's own link juice from webmasters and bloggers refrencing it either in their blogs, forums, or articles. This is link bait build a list that can be a very helpful reference point and watch it build it's own authority within Google. Right now it holds the second spot for "top social bookmarking websites" which has 260 million in competition. How? Well when webmasters find a list helpful it gets placed in their favorites then when they write something on the subject whether it be in an article or in their blog they will give a link for explanation.

Viral spreading of a link can be done many ways. You can place send this link to your friends then make it possible for a visitor to send your website or blogs link to their friends. Another viral spreading system is done through allowing people to use your content on their web presences as long as they give a backlink. You can also submit your content to article directories allowing people to use it as long as the leave a link towards which ever web presence you choose.

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  1. Real nice article on marketing thanks

  2. There are numerous ways in marketing your website..in my case, I market my site by creating blog posts and articles that my target customers are searching for.

    This method have helped a lot in getting not just traffic but also a recurring one.