Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Stop The Spamming Build Links The Right Way

This post is crucial for new website marketers as well as those that still think placing your ads within forums or jumping from blog to blog only commenting for the link juice thinking you have the correct marketing strategy. I do have sympathy for spammers since I was once one before I gained a grasp of appropriate website marketing. You must realize that spamming and building backlinks go hand in hand with the only difference between them being spam is building links where they are not welcome. When a new webmaster or blogger begins their online marketing campaign and hit the webmaster forums they are taught that only two things matter when trying to rank well within the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) which are building backlinks making sure to rotate the keywords between the opening and closing anchor tags and onpage/offpage SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Surprisingly the second one is easy enough if you have the right tools and understand keyword stuffing which you can learn about on this blog just visit some of the posts dealing with SEO. The second one becomes a little more difficult especially when your dealing with niches (category of website such as website marketing or online business).

So you have begun your blog and/or website and have completed the SEO. It is now time to begin the task of gaining exposure by building backlinks. This is probably the most crucial step in website marketing since major search engines will frown on your website if your are gaining links from the "bad neighborhoods" online. Google recognizes the bad neighborhoods by any web presence who's sole purpose is to inflate backlinks manipulating the SERPs results for the websites involved. This really sucks for newer webmasters since they have it engraved in their head that they must gain backlinks as quickly as possible and when doing searches on Google they don't realize when typing in get backlinks free or other terms related to link farms they are crossing the threshold and becoming a certified spammer. At the end of this post I will list many appropriate areas where to gain backlinks rather than using the websites that will hurt your SERPs rankings.

Now even though most webmasters in the beginning will screw up and place bad links usually they correct the behavior and begin placing links on more suitable and effective areas on the Web. The only problem is they still have the spammer frame of mind which is to place an ad for their website wherever possible and this passes over into their participation within the forums, writing articles, blog commenting, and other forums of white hat SEM.

First I would like to discuss forums if you need a list check the the right side of this blog locate "My Best Posts" and I have a list of the top five webmaster forums. These are excellent resources for backlinks, but you must not participate for the sole purpose of building backlinks. When you enter any forum attempt to make friends with the admin and moderators if they like you then you will get many chances which means if you screw up and get a little spammy rather than receiving a official warning you will get a friendly prompt from the mods or admin. The same goes if you get in an argument that goes a little overboard rather than getting a quick ban you will get will be told to leave it alone, which will save the work that you have put in. Now this does not mean go make friends then purposely and blatantly spam or fight, but when you really get into participating in a forum sometimes you forget. Now it is also important to learn BB code which will let you modify text and place your website links within your signature which will where you gain backlinks. If you want to learn BB code then try This Website.

Article writing for me has been the "bread and butter" of my internet marketing campaign. The reason for this is rather than getting one free backlink it is possible to get endless amounts of relevant, high priority, one way backlinks. When you write an article on Ezine Articles, Articles Base, or Go Articles not only will you receive a backlink from the high PR article directory, but these directories allow republishing of all articles as long as the publisher keeps the links active within the article and in the Bio. My best time for the republication of an article on one of these directories has been 3 hours. On go articles I have had one article published up to 20 times really helping my backlinks. Now rather than writing spammy articles making a big ad for your website or blog you should write about something closely related and prove to the web that you have an expertise within your niche.

Blog commenting is also an excellent way to gain high priority free one way backlinks. The problem is rather than taking a couple minutes to read the post people jump from blog to blog placing their link and writing "good post" or "nice job" this in the blogosphere is known as comment spam and is an excellent way to not only get your comment deleted quickly, but also gain a bad reputation. You must remember the blogophere is where information is passed very quickly and if you piss off the wrong blogger they will make sure to bury your blog. You could be the power someone has online when they have a readership of over 100k and the people are dedicated to the blogger. It is a good idea when using blog commenting to always read the post and reply to what was written rather than placing an advertisement in the comments section. Personally I like to place keywords within the name tag, then write a comment about my thoughts on the post. You should be weary of this as well because of the comment spam I have noticed that some bloggers do not even read my comment they immediately reject so it is helpful when placing your name to put your name @ your keywords so the backlink will have some relevance to your site or blog.

I hope you enjoyed this post on website marketing. I hope you become a reader and remember the no follow attribute is removed so feel free to leave a comment and gain some link juice.

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  1. It is true..most site owners are so obsessed about creating backlinks for their sites that they even go to the extent of spamming other blogs and sites...for me, I believe that the best way to generate recurring traffic to your site and increasing your PR is by creating helpful and informative contents for your readers.