Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Where Is Google Algo Heading?

Guys I am sorry; I promise the next post will be a continuation of SEO techniques, but I feel that the importance of this change is well worth discussing. Well all know that Google has dominated the search market for years and has no plans to stop. There have been major changes to the Algo reported by a few authority blogs, which by the way are only guessing on why and how the Algorithm is changing. I would like to go over some different ideas of what is happening and hopefully the discussion will draw you in, I would love to hear what you think about Google and where you think they are heading in there ranking system.

Now the first discussion which I have been a part on in forums and different SEO blogs through out the blogosphere has been whether or not Google is going to base it's SERPs on the buzz in the online community. Such as if everyone is talking about, tweeting, digging, and so on about a particular website that website will receive authority even over well established websites that has a much more extensive backlinking campaign. To me from reading many arguments I think this is a definite possibility. What then does this mean for the webmasters out there? Well if you have a website or blog instead of spending time building backlinks it will be necessary to come up with something original and buzz worthy enough to get into the mix within the online network and bookmark sites. Personally with my recent success of this blog on certain blogging networks this perhaps would go in the favor of mine, but my website would surely sink which would suck since it has brought in my income for the past year. Anyway this is only one possiblity of where Google is heading when deciding the ranks within its SERPs. Let's move on to some more possibilities.

Another buzz throughout the webmaster/blogging community has been Google will be sticking with the majority of past factors when determining a websites rank. Now for those who have been slipping into the depths of page 2 and up will more than likely dispute this, but perhaps I can offer a solution for these webmasters and bloggers that have seen their position slipping. Google on it's blog posted that they have reached another benchmark of 1 trillion unique URL's with an explosion of new websites popping up daily. Especially with this recession people more than ever are looking for ways to make money and why not online? Well with this increase of webmasters there will be much higher competition for even relatively low searched key terms. Could it be that you have continued on your link building and promotion campaign at the same rate only to be overtaken by webmasters and bloggers who are doubling or even tripling the amount of time your spending online? I have found this to be the case with my website Make Money Online. Every night when I go to sleep if I am not on page one I will usually spend 20 hours daily until I reach the top page and begin receiving the traffic that comes with such a spot. Well after a week or so after being on page one I will begin working on my blogs and I notice a drop down into the second or third pages for some of the keywords which I usually dominate. When I check the websites pushed ahead I notice they have been increasing the amount of backlinks and also making sure to keep fresh content on their website which is one of the fundamentals for ranking well in SERPs. When I see this I have to go back to promotion of my website until I am back on top. Anyway this is perhaps not the case for the slipping of your website or blog in the SERPs, but it is a definite factor to consider when trying to depict a drop.

Ok now onto what all of us one man webmasters and bloggers pray is not happening, but is likely. Google has become a complete sale out and only give preference to people with the bucks. The top of course being corporations that recently have been bumping webmasters off the top of SERPs that have been there for years. The reasons for this are very unclear to me and I actually hope they are using such a flawed reasoning opening the doors for a search engine willing to offer fair results and not hold preference to websites that are backed by big business. Do I believe that Google is doing this? Well not really, but it is hard to deny proof when we see webmasters who are much more deserving of the top spots being bumped and replaced by large corporations. So then where will that place webmasters and bloggers who work tirelessly on their blogs and websites? More than likely we will have to find jobs working for these corporations getting paid only a fraction of what we made by running our own websites or blogs. The other thing we can do is begin micro niche domination's which is the process of picking at the visitors that are searching for something within a niche. Let me give you an example: you run a website about fishing and you sale fishing equipment on that website. Well Google gives away the top spots to companies such as cabelas and other top sportsman companies pushing you deep into the SERPs. If you begin micro niche domination you pick something in the fishing niche such as fishing line or reels and begin marketing that part of the niche, which of course will be much less competitive and you will not receive the same return monetarily as dominating the general fishing equipment marketing. Anyway there is alot of talk that Google is selling out to these corporations and this is what the expected results will be.

I am tired of typing so I guess I will conclude today's post. You must remember that the Google algorithm is kept secret so these guess's are exactly that. If you believe that something is happening with the Algo feel free to leave a comment I would love to hear what you guys have to say. Remember this is a do follow blog so make sure to put your name @ your keywords to take advantage of the link juice. Also I could really use your help so if you have found this blog helpful please throw me a link from your website or reference me on a forum or in an article. Anyway I hope you enjoyed:)

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  1. With my years of experience on blogging and promoting my website...Google's algorithm still remains a mystery for me.. :) I guess instead of worrying too much about how their algo works..I'll just use my time in figuring how I can improve my site so I can reach and help wider audience.