Saturday, June 20, 2009

Twitter Week Day 6

Well this will be the final day of twitter week so I will be giving you all the tools and tips that I have.

The first tool that I would like to show you is Tweet Later. This tool has a ton a features both free and paid. For this post I would like to focus on the free tools that it offers.

1. Schedule Tweets- When on twitter when you are trying to really grow your twitter account it is important to tweet everyday and any professional marketer has very little time so pre scheduling tweets comes in really handy for those who lack time.

2. Track Keywords- This really help keeping ahead of the curve if you like to build blogs or websites ahead of the buzz. Find out what the new big thing is before it hits main stream.

3. Welcome DM's- Personally I absolutely hate the welcome DM's, but if you would like to send them this is the tool for you.

4. Follow those who follow you- This tool is crucial to keep your following list. When you begin to rise within the serps and you are gaining followers by the hundreds then to keep your followers it is important to follow them back. Sometimes you can get away with not following your followers if you run an extremely well known blog, but I have noticed even in the case of blogs such as John Chow's Blog you will notice he follows back the 49 thousand people following him. So I highly recommend follow and follow back will help you not only increase but sustain your followers list.

5. Unfollow those who unfollow you- Well twitter has already reached the same problems you get by link exchanging with thousands of people which is getting screwed by un ethical people trying to gain the edge within their niche by waiting until right before the PR update and remove you link. In twitter they wait a week or two then unfollow you and if you have numbers within the thousands it can sometimes be hard to notice a drop of one or two people. This tool allows you to unfollow anyone that stops following you very nice for getting rid of the people trying to inflate their follower list and shrink their following list.

Well this tool has others, but I am going to get on with some more links to help you out.

It is the twitter counter and pretty much looks the same as GA when you look at stats. For the link to the home page here you go- Twitter Counter and here is my counter My Twitter Counter which you can see how much progress I have made in a month since my twitter account is less than a month old. Perhaps that would be a great testimonial for the links that I have given you, but since they are not paying me and I don't own them they can find their own advertising:)

Perhaps you are saying to yourself this is not enough what kind of twitter week it this kid running here. Well for those who want a 140 tools to expand your twitter account here you go- 140 Twitter Tools. Anyway use these and you should be doing fine and getting thousands of followers. Let's get onto some tips when twittering.

Tip #1: Be personal when twittering. Just like blogging or running a website when a visitor visits they want to feel as if they already know you and can trust you. Now I hope you are running a campaign that you yourself believe in and are not out there to screw over your visitors, but no matter the goal of any true marketer it to gain the trust of the viewer. I don't care what medium you use for your advertisement the one thing that will fail is 1st: If your advertisement looks dishonest usually by using flash and unbelievable remarks and 2nd: Look corporate, this perhaps worked in the old days, but as the people around the world watch the big business world fall to it's knees the little guys with very personal websites and blogs are coming up. So rather than using all of your efforts to run your campaign trying to get people to believe that your are a huge corporation try telling them that you are the same as them and have been through what they are going through. This my friends will set you apart from those spending the big bucks when marketing.

Tip #2: I am not sure if I have already said this and even if I have it is worth saying again. Nothing happens over night can you get 25 hundred followers within a couple weeks well if you looked at my twitter counter yes it is very possible and to tell you the truth I have not really marketed it very hard since I don't see the monetary value yet. If I believed that having 50k followers would pay 50k dollars then it would take a couple months to reach that number. Since I see is as only a support for my website and blogs I really don't see any other use. Just keep in mind that this twitter is on the increase so if you really want to be able to take advantage of the medium in your marketing campaign then get started now. Also please if you have any ideas onto how I can take monetary advantage let me know.

Tip #3: Choose your name carefully and make sure it falls within your niche. My niche is making money online and my websites URL is Well to take advantage of twitter I decided to make my name makemoneyfree21 a bunch of damn newbs took all the makemoneyfree so I had to settle with 21 at the end. If you would like to see the power of chosing the correct username type into google makemoneyfree21 and the first few will be my twitter name mixed with a couple of the programs that I am in listed within the posts of twitter week. So choose carefully!!

Damn I can't for the life of me remember tip four. LOL I guess that will be my fourth tip when you have ideas coming to you keep a notebook or my favorite a little white board next to you. You want to see a picture of the white board I look at each day remember I keep forgeting to add video marketing, but anyway here is the board I look at every day:

Sorry it is a little fuzzy I get shaky after to many cups of coffee. I do recommend you begin writing your ideas down and make a list such as the one above filled with where to market. Anyway I guess it is time to say goodbye come back tomorrow I will be going over some more SEO.

Remember this is a do follow blog make sure to leave a comment for your free backlink-comment on the post no spam. I could also use some help with backlinks since I am in a very competitive niche. If this blog helps please give a backlink here is my linking code:

Anyway thanks in advance everyone.


  1. What is so special about this Twitter. Just another plaice to write few lines. Nothig special...

  2. klever kind of the same thing with link building or other ways of getting traffic and networking you are right for someone who is not a webmaster or blogger it is nothing special. For those of us who rely on traffic for our livlihood twitter can hold the same power as or other social websites.

  3. Great tips. Twitter is an excellent tool for promoting your business through building a strong network.