Monday, June 22, 2009

How To Request A Link Exchange

I am writing this post to help those that have no idea how to request a link exchange by email. Webmasters definitely have different thoughts on exchanging links, so if you are against link exchanges this is not for you. Now if you would prefer to use a free link exchange directory I really like Link Market. When exchanging links it is of course preferred that you stick with websites within your niche. You should not look at this as a restraint, for example if you run a website marketing blog such as I do it is ok to exchange links with any promotional web presence rather than just sticking with "website marketing". Now if you come across a website or blog that you would really like to exchange links with there are a couple of rules you should abide by.

1st and most important their link always goes on your website or blog first. If I get an email with linking code which I do ever single day it is automatically deleted. If you come across the website email the webmaster requesting his link code rather than requesting him to place your code on his website you will have a much better chance in a successful exchange this way.

2nd Make the email personal. This is another way to get your link request deleted before it is even read. If you use a copy and paste method when emailing webmasters take the time to name their website rather than saying "I came across your website". If you say I came across "website marketing with kris" it will sound much more like a real person and much less like automated spam.

3rd Switch up your subject. Just recently I received an email that said non profit looking for link exchange and rather than deleting I opened. The reason I did not delete the website was the title. Most people out their have a sense of obligation when it comes to charity so if your website has something special make it known when you are requesting link exchanges. With my website which is very difficult to request exchanges for I would probably ask something like "link exchange with a scam free website" or something else rather than "link exchange?". Be creative as possible.

4th The easiest way to gain successful requests is to have PR already. Now you may be thinking how will I get PR without exchanges? Well there is many ways to gain backlinks rather than link exchanges. Page Rank is Googles analysis of the number/priority/relevancy of your backlinks so if you are looking for backlinks go back to the beginning of this blog. I cover free press releases, social bookmarking, forums, and free directories all of which I give plenty of resource links for. You can gain thousands upon thousands of one way links this way which will lead to plenty of PR. Once you have PR then it is much easier to negotiate link exchanges and if you are willing to place a backlink on a high PR web page then you will get the same in return.

Anyway just some tips when requesting a link exchange. One more thing before I end if you want to get your link onto a blog the easiest way is to use this do follow high PR blog directory and rather than requesting an exchange all you have to do is comment. Here is the Do Follow Blog Directory which only allows PR 3 and above do follow blogs. Remeber this is a do follow blog so if you comment it is a free one way link just be sure to not spam. Also if this blog helped please give a backlink just copy and paste this code to your website or blog:

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  1. Thank you for this article. We are planning to add link exchange directory to our site. Your tips are very helpful.

    Thanks :)