Saturday, June 6, 2009

20 Marketing Resources

Sorry for posting twice in a day, but I posted this in v7n and feel it is worth sharing to you guys it is the resources to get a website off the ground. Here you go:

1. Social bookmarking-

2. Starting blogs keeping them updated with good fresh unique content and then linking back to your site through these.

3. Blog Commenting on blogs in your nich both do follow and no follow-even if you don't get a backlink it is good to build relationships within your niche.

4. Press Release-

5. Guest Posting- Build a relationship with the webmasters and bloggers within your niche and sooner or later you will be asked to guest post.

6. Link Exchange- Be careful with this one you do not want to many outgoing links on your site.
7. Social networking sites -,, and are some

8. Free directory submission- <900 free directories

9. Forum Posting- make sure to put your link in the signature if you don't know how here- bb tag list For this forum I think there is still a 50 post min before you can add a link to your sig, stick it out get your 50 posts in it is well worth the effort.

10. SEO I will be posting about SEO both advanced and basic concepts if you would like a free tutorial then try

11. Article Marketing here is a list of over 450 article directories- I also have an auto article submitter if your interested pm me I can't list here because it is an affiliate link, it is free of course)

12. Email Marketing-Personally I don't use this type of marketing therefore have no resources for you. If you have a resource you would like to share feel free.

13. Viral Marketing- Here is the definition

14. Traffic Exchanges- I really don't recommend these since the majority have been deemed link farms. Now if you have an affiliate link you would like to promote this may be a viable solution, be sure to check the affiliate sites rules and regulations before placing your affiliate link in one of these programs.

15. Classified ads- the two that come to mind are and

16. Offline Marketing-If you are running a website meant for local people/business's then take out a newspaper ad or tv/radio commercial

17. Promotional Webpages- There are many services out there that like a blog will let you set up a free web presence one that I like to use is and

18. Build a Newsletter- Here is a site that will help get you started
19. Place your link in your email and ask your friends and family to do the same.

20. Network - Personally I have found this to be the most useful of all twenty. When you build relationships with other webmasters the ability to help each other promote expands exponentially. Remember the web has reached over a trillion unique URLs so it will be much easier to reach the top if you are willing to work with others to get there.

Well I hope you like these twenty I feel these are the cornerstone of any successful marketing campaign. Remember if you find this useful to give a link on your website or blog; of course a reference in an article or a forum is also very helpful. This blog does have the no follow removed so make sure to comment and get a free one way link. When commenting please comment about the post and not advertise your site unless it has something to do with this post. Also if you feel that I have missed anything then feel free to add it in a comment.


  1. I just discovered your blog and I came back to do a short review for Day 99 of The 109 Day Link Building Explosion.

    You are doing great work and I wanted to support your effort. You are providing useful and helpful information... Keep up the good work.

  2. Same here Kris, I've also never tried doing some email marketing...because for me, it is not really an effective means of promoting or marketing our online businesses because majority of netizens consider emails from unknown senders as spam emails so they don't bother to read those emails anymore...that's why I'm not really into email marketing.