Monday, June 29, 2009

SEO Tips

Hey guys I just wanted to covers some different aspects of SEO that you may want to think about when trying to gain rank in the SERPs for a certain keyword. First off I would like to share a little tool that I really like and you should be using.

Keyword Density Checker.

Now I have used this tool frequently, but before judging the SEO let me try to explain some aspects when you want excellent SEO on your website. First stop thinking the Google bot is an idiot and needs to have the same words thrown in it's face over and over. Now if you would like to see the advances in technology specifically towards AI please discuss this with:


You need to talk with her for at least ten minutes my favorite discussions have been about God and life. Anyway give it a shot then think if bots can think what about Google bot. This is what led me to believe that repetition or keyword density is a seo technique of the past and now you should focus on keyword association. Let me give you an example:

I have a website make money online where I have tried to rather repeat the same keyword over and over I try to use associated keyterms. So I really want to rank well for make money online, but rather than repeating the words make money online I do place it once or twice, but then place make money free, earn money online, and others. If you repeat the same words over and over will this make your site or blog hard to read, but if you go overboard into keyword stuffing you will see an adverse affect meaning you will drop within the serps for that keyword. So try to switch out your keywords on your website and know that as your site gains authority rather than rising for just one or two keywords you will be rising for many.

The keyword analyzing tool above is an excellent resource for those trying to stay away from keyword stuffing. When you run a check and find a keyword going over 10% it is time to break out the Thesaurus and find words to replace the one your stuffing.

You should be doing the same when building links towards your website or blog as well. I am not 100% sure on this concept, but if it is accurate then those building links with the same anchor tags will not see the pay off from their efforts. Let me give you an example:

Now anyone online that has been around for a while knows this is the key to getting ranked well online. If you want to do a check on my competency on the issue do a search on Google for the keyterm make money free and look for You will find that I have made it to the top ten for a semi competitive keyterm (semi since it only receives a couple thousand monthly searches). I simply did this by placing make money free within the keywords between my opening and closing anchor tags and making sure it was on my site. Once I reached the top page I did notice an incline in organic traffic though for the work I put in not enough I have found using this tool:

Google Keyword Tool

This tool allows you to see the monthly search volume for any keyword that you choose. To see the most accurate reflection of actual search volume there is a drop down menu which you will be allowed to switch your match type from broad to exact. This will really help you find the keywords to target, make sure you pick 5 or 6 similar keywords that you place on your page so you don't end up keyword stuffing and being banned or dropped down within the SERPs.

Well if you want to build links check my top posts where I list tons of link building resources. It is down a little bit on the right side of this blog.

To end I would like to give you one last tool that will save you time when trying to find your website in the SERPs for any particular key term. I use it almost daily and think once you start you will find it extremely accurate:

SERPs Checker

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