Sunday, June 14, 2009

Harness The Power Of Twittley The #1 Tool Of Twitter

Hey guys, for the next post I will be showing you some of the best tools helping you expand your twitter network. Before you begin building your network with Twitter you must understand what it is. Twitter is the newest micro blogging social network. It let's you find friends and tweet messages 140 characters long to everyone that is following you. The hardest part of twitter if finding people to follow and get people to follow you. I will be covering some of the tools to help you with this next post. For this post I feel is for the best tool created for Twitter and that is Twittley. It is a social bookmarking website that incorporates twitter and tweeting rather than a voting system. Anyway here is a video explaining it:

Make sure to sign up with Twittley to begin your marketing campaign on twitter.

Hope you guys liked the video make sure to become a reader so you will get the rest of my twitter tips and tools. If this blog has helped you remember I am in a very competitive niche so please give a link on your website/blog, article, or in a forum. Thanks for reading I will be back tomorrow giving you a tool to increase your following on twitter.


  1. Twittley really looks to be a good tool to begin your proceedings on twitter. I am lookng for the other tools that can help anyone enhance the twitter authority.

  2. Ya the next ones will really help get your list of followers in the thousands.

  3. This site is perfect for business owners who are using Twitter in promoting their businesses...not that it made sharing of information on Twitter easier but it allowed us to reach wider audience.