Saturday, June 27, 2009

Gain Huge Coverage!!

Hey guys I was just thinking probably to much and begin thinking of how I gained a high PR backlink. Now this really does not fall into the normal promotion or marketing though I find it may be helpful when your are trying to gain high PR backlinks. As an internet marketer I have found that running into marketing tools, lists, services, whatever happens a lot. Well as you have seen from my earlier posts I vouched for Twittley and I was not completely honest. First and foremost it is a brilliant system they created a social bookmarking site with twitter incorporated into the voting system, what you may not know is I actually did the review of their service and in exchange I received a backlink from their main blog.

Now I really feel that this should be mentioned on my blog since it is an excellent way to gain backlinks from well established sources. If you come across a program that you really like then contact the webmaster or blogger and ask them if they would like you to do a review of their product or service on your blog and in exchange a back link to their post. Well I guess you could call it selling testimonials for backlinks, but it could possibly be one of the best ways to gain backlinks towards inner pages of your blog. You will of course only be doing reviews on websites that you back 100% and are very helpful to your traffic. I mean if someone came to this blog I would recommend twittley to them with the backlink or not it is a free service that will get a website traffic if the submitter can make their website sound at least a little interesting. Anyway just my thoughts; by the way huge thanks to everyone that gave this blog a backlink I did VERY LITTLE marketing and received Page Rank 2 for this last update you guys rock. Also the ban on one post a day I am lifting so expect at the very least one post daily I will of course be informing your if I am taking a break. This blog is do follow so get your free backlinks by commenting!! I hope you like this idea please tell me what you think (do you see any problems?)


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