Friday, June 19, 2009

Twitter Week Day 5

Well you guys asked for another system to get you more followers. I have found one free to join and I have received a couple hundred followers within the first week so it is not to bad. Anyway the link is Tweeter Follow. Now this system is a little strange you have to follow everyone they show you after you sign up then your added to the "train" that is what they call it. What I like is how easy it is to follow everyone you don't even have to move the mouse you click follow then the twerson fades away and the next person slides over. Really easy to use and really easy to get a bunch of followers quick. Ok now on to some other tools to really automate your twitter account (which is a must when you are having hundreds join daily).

This is the best tool kit I can offer. It is called Huitter and will save you hours of work. Lets go over some of the tools this program offers. First tool and my personal favorite is called mutuality. Now I have always said that if you are not following the people that are following you more than likely you will loose your follower list. This tool allows you to unfollow everyone that is not following you and let you choose to keep people even if they are not following you back. Now why is this important you may ask. If you follow 2k people and do not have 1850 followers you can not follow anyone else so to pass the 2k mark you must get rid of everyone no following you so you can get your followers up to 1850 then you can follow over 2k people. This tool is a must for anyone that is really trying to build a huge follower list.

Ok on to the other tools. They have Gtalk2Twitter which allows you to post your Google status on twitter letting your followers know if your online or not. Then there is the message cleaner (huge time saver) when you start getting hundreds of people following you daily you run into the problem of all the auto direct messages that people send and you have to go one by one and delete the "thanks for following". This tool clears out your twitter inbox with one swipe. Microsites I need to be honest I have not used this tool, but what the website says is "Allows you to build you own site that will represents
twitter's status updates of your twitter users list." what ever that means I don't really care since I have way to many web presences anyway. The last tool this website offers is the twitter to feed which allows you to turn your favorite twerson (which better be me Follow Me;)) and all of their tweets into an RSS feed. I find this very helpful when keeping tabs on the leaders in my niche make money online.

Well these are two very nice tools that will really help out when trying to incorporate twitter into your marketing campaign. It is twitter tip time:) For this tip I have decided to go with when you begin twitter and want to really increase your exposure if your using twitter correctly (for networking rather than promoting) it is ok to ask your followers to tell their followers that you follow back. This is a quick way to get some followers increasing your network.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed the post and will be back to read more tomorrow. I think I will throw everything else in tomorrow I am getting a little sick of twitter week and have some excellent ideas for new posts focusing on SEO. Remember this is a do follow blog so get your free backlink by leaving a comment. I also really need help getting backlinks since my competitors have backlinks in the hundreds of thousands so if you would please give a backlink here is my code:

Thanks in advanced guys.

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