Saturday, June 6, 2009

How To Get Organic Traffic

Well this will probably be a pretty quick post today. I want to share with you some very valuable links that I use online I really hope you appreciate and use these links for your own success. Please If you happen to end up using these links make sure to share a link on your website/blog or give this post a refrence in a forum or article. Anyway onto the links.

The first link is for those new to SEO. I do cover alot on this blog, but it is good to get diffrent perspectives so here is the resources I go to when I want to see what is happening:

1st. Very solid resource for gaining a grasp of the concepts online. I use this resource frequently when I want to brush up on SEO.

2nd. It is a must that I give a shout out to this guy. This was the very first website that I entered on my quest to learn Search Engine Optimization.

3rd. Here is the best place to discuss SEO strategies. If you ask a question here in the marketing or seo threads there is a 90% chance you will see my reply (kbeus21) if you want you could even ask for my assistance.

Well these are some good places to start your journey make sure to read my first SEO post which is an excellent place to begin getting a grasp of search engine optimization.

Well these really help you cover basics of SEO, if you would like to get backlinks out free and quickly I recommend trying Auto Article Submitter. What this does is takes your article and after you place the %link1% into your article make sure you place the keywords for your link then the link itself into the appropriate boxes. The reason for this is if Google sees the exact same anchor text for every link it will be considered spam and you will not recieve the benifits. After you submit your article do a search for blogs within your niche which you can do at the bottom of the bottem of the submission page choose thirty blogs to submit your article two and it will be spread among them a over about two weeks so you won't recieve an unatural looking jump in backlinks. Anyways there is a PDF file and a video that shows you how to use this free system. I hope you take advantage of this it has helped me greatly within the SERPs.

Remember the no follow attribute has been removed so your comments will recieve a backlink make sure to input the name as so your name @ your keywords to take full advantage of the backlink. If this post has helped you I could really use your help in getting backlinks since website promotion is a very competitve niche any help would be appreciated. Thanks for reading and if you would like me to cover a specific topic feel free to leave a comment.


  1. I prefer to doing blog commenting :)

  2. Yes I get thousands from these; free stuff if your only doing blog commenting don't be suprised to jump up and down, it is easy for a blogger to decide they would prefer to go back to nofollow. It is a good aspect of a marketing campaign, but should only be a small part.