Thursday, June 4, 2009

Search Engine Optimization

Hello everyone I hope you enjoy today's post. I will be covering some of the more advanced concepts of search engine optimization if you would like to read the basics you can do so here anyway on with the post.

First off one important aspect that I notice alot of webmasters not utilizing in their html is the rel="nofollow" within their anchor tags. The reason this is a mistake is when Google is deciding the importance of a page it calculates the incoming verse the out going. Personally I promote a couple of make money programs on make money free that are displayed on my home page. I do this for the money these programs make me, but placing them on my front page drops me in the SERPs if I do not utilize the no follow attribute. When ever possible place the rel="nofollow" on any links pointing away from your page that you do not want to give link juice to.

The next thing I would like to discuss is when attempting to gain rank within the SERPs it is very important to anchor keywords within the text of hyperlinks. When I am on the webmaster forums and someone asks what am I doing wrong with my SEO when I go to their page I notice that they are still using the "home" button or text link to bring a user back to the index. Take a look at my site make money free which is in the paragraph above and on every page you will notice that rather than placing home I put the keywords which I wanted to rank well for which were "make money free". It is always a good idea to place the keywords that you would like to rank well for in your nav bar. Another thing you may want to consider is if you would like to rank well for more than one keyword place a link on the bottom of your pages for example if I did not want to only rank well for "make money free" I could place a link to my home at the bottom of each page with the keywords "make money online".

Anchoring on site links is only one aspect of utilizing anchor tags when trying to rank well within the SERPs. When you begin building links whether it be through articles, commenting, or forums you should be anchoring the keywords you wish to rank well for. Something I learned a little while ago that has helped me drastically in the SERPs was to rather than use the same keywords in every promoting platform it would be better to rotate 5 or 6. If we keep with the example listed above the keywords I would consider rotating within articles and other forums of promotion are make money, make money free, make money online, earn money, earn money free, earn money online, and others that follow along the lines within my niche.

One point that I feel is necessary to make is when you begin your link building campaign do not stray to far away from your base niche. If you notice in the example above I do not use online jobs, work at home, or other keywords that are to far away from my main phrase. You may argue with this, but let me show you the example of my work here is the copy and paste of the top ten keyword I rank well for and bring in the majority of my traffic:

1 make money free 6
2 make money online free 10
3 earn money online free 9
4 earn money free 8
5 make money free online 9
6 money free 9
7 free make money online 9
8 get money free 9
9 free earn money online 7
10 earn money free online 8

Now if you would like to test these out feel free go to type in any phrase shown here and look for my website You will notice the results to be accurate, but since I am in such a competitive niche these results are always changing. Anyway this shows that if you stick with keywords that are close together you can rank well. Make sure you rotate them, personally I like to rotate the keywords for each forum I join here is a list of the top 5 webmaster forums for those trying to build quality backlinks. Anyway if you do this within your site and when link building you will rise in the SERPs.

I would like to go over some don'ts of optimization.

1st. Do not stuff keywords: I covered this when I went over the basics, but I feel that it is something that experienced webmasters sometimes forget. When doing the metas don't repeat any keyword or phrase more than twice. Within the content keep density below 10%, if you would like to test the density of your sites content here is a tool Keyword Density Checker. This will list any and all keywords that repeat and tell you how prevalent they are throughout your content.

2nd. Please and I mean PLEASE stop spamming forums, blogs, and other areas where webmasters are allowed to gain backlinks. You spammers are shutting the resources that webmasters have used for years to get backlinks. What is funny every hour I spend commenting on a blog is worth 100 of a spammers. I understand you want all the backlinks that you can get, but if you don't take the time to leave a interesting thoughtful remark more than likely your comment or post will be flagged and more than likely deleted. If your looking to spam use such sources as squido where spamming is fine, no body will go to your site if you don't offer any good comment, but at least you won't blow relationships with bloggers and webmasters (which are extremely valuable). Personally I can read a 1000 word post within 10 minutes and leave a 30-40 word response within 1 minute. So I spend 11 minutes posting on a blog whereas a spammer spends 1-2 minutes depending on how elaborate the comment is. My comment get accepted the spammers is rejected. My comment will lead to the blogger or webmaster comeing to my site and if they like it they may promote it the spammers comment ensures that if the blogger or webmaster ever sees that name no matter if they leave a good comment or not it will be rejected. So is it helpful to spam? I really hope everyone in the make money niche keeps it up letting me gain rank in the serps:)

Another thing that webmasters really should be doing is keeping track of there backlinks. Usually newer webmasters will not need to worry very much about this, but when your website begins showing up popular keywords such as what I showed you up above if you keep a good eye on your backlinks more than likely you will see some that you did not place and are placed on websites that allow auto submission and who's purpose if strictly for growing backlinks. You may ask what is wrong with that? If you have read Google's webmaster guidelines the site that I described above is the exact definition of a link farm and if the Google bot finds the majority of your backlinks coming from such places your site will be punished and you will lose SERPs position. Personally the only way I have found to combat such black hat techniques is first and foremost get as many natural high PR backlinks as possible my preference is using article submission. Second contact the webmasters of these link farms and politely ask them to remove your URL. Most of the times this will not work, but it is worth a try.

Well this post should help you rank well in the SERPs. Do not expect it to be the last I have plenty to say about SEO. Anyway if you found this useful I would really appreciate your help if you could give a link from your site or blog even a mention in a forum is helpful. Remember this is a do follow blog so leave a good comment (20+ words and is about the post) and you will get a free one way backlink. I hope you enjoyed this for my next post I will be building a list of do follow blogs.


  1. Hmm surely the listing takes time, hats of for your article.

  2. I think it takes 6 - 1 years :(

  3. Thats fine if thats what you guys have been told, but if you get 7-8 thousand backlinks in a three to four month period and take time with your SEO the listing does not take nearly as long as you guys think. Perhaps I will explain how to rank well quickly for a keyword term it is not that difficult.

  4. These are valuable piece of advice...especially about spamming blogs, forums and message boards for backlinks...It's important that you gain the trust of site owners and fellow bloggers, so you must not do drastic moves such as spamming their sites.