Thursday, June 18, 2009

Twitter Week #4

Day four already. Well I have some good news I have reached the first spot on Google for make money free and the third spot for make money online. I woke up today with a 200% spike in organic traffic. Anyway after twitter week I will show you some of the tatics that I used to reach those positions. I was also propositioned from another established website owner to build a SEO company which I will be working on in the up coming months. Anyway on to the post and remember if you find this blog helpful please share it with others.

For this post I will be sharing with you a couple tools. The first tool that I will be sharing is Flock To Me now it is down right now, but I recommend you join it when it comes back up. One thing I like about this is after the sign up you are able to actually watch people joining you. It is very easy to do and the amount of followers grows quite rapidly. The second tool anyone on twitter that is using it for promotion needs is to use Tiny URL. What Tiny URL does is shrinks any URL that has over 25 characters to a much more managable size and works well if your sharing with your followers a blog post or other long tailed URL. Now I have shown you some tools to get your following into the thousands, but if you really want to succeed you will need to manually market it. In this video I will be showing you how and where to do this:

Remember this is a do follow blog so feel free to get a free backlink by posting a comment just make sure to comment on the blog post rather than spamming me.

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  1. Twitter has been one of the most powerful marketing tool...many business owners and big brands are using it when promoting their products online...even famous people like celebrities and politicians are taking advantage of how easy it is to share updates to the online community.

    anyways these tools you've shared will really hep the whole Twitter experience more fun and easy.