Sunday, June 28, 2009

Finding Your Competitors

Now when people are trying to find their competition they usually just type their keywords into Google when the results come up they think that these are the people who they are in competition with. Now the majority are, but if you want to find who is placing the keywords you are trying to rank well for in their anchor text- here is an example:

This is how you rank well and there is a search that you can do in Google to show which websites use these keywords when linkbuilding. The search is inanchor:"keywords" anyway for a better example of how to use this feature I made a video for your.

I hope this video helps when researching competition. Remember this is a dofollow blog so leave a comment and get a free backlink. Also if you found this blog helpful please help me build backlinks this niche is very competitive so your help is appreciated.

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  1. Thanks for the time you've spent in making the is indeed helpful especially for newbies like me...I can definitely use this technique in finding my competitors that way I know who I'm up against and what I should do next to outwit them.