Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Off-Site SEO (Anchoring Keywords Within Backlinks)

Hey guys I am back for another one. This post will cover one of the most crucial techniques when promoting a website. Now if you need resources scroll down and on the right side there will be "my top posts" where I have tons of different resources useful for any internet marketer. This post will not be covering "where" to gain backlinks, but when building links how to make them effective for certain keyterms you would like to rank well for.

Well let's get right in to it when you build backlinks if you want them to help you rank well within the SERPs (search engine results pages) then you must anchor in the keywords you would like to rank well for. Here is an example:

Now when you build links whether through directory submission, press releases, blog commenting, or other making sure to have the keywords in your link's text is the deciding factor of ranking well. The problem with this is if you are not rotating your keywords then Google will be able to easily tell that you are building the links rather than them growing naturally. So as you build your links remember to pick 5-10 keywords that are closely related and rotate them. Let me give you an example for my site make money online I use several keywords other than make money online. I use as you can see make money online, but also make money free, earn money free, earn money online, how to earn money, how to make money, make money online free, and several others. So when Google scours the web it will notice the websites linking back to my website all have an array of keywords within the opening and closing anchor tags leading them to hopefully believe that the links are not ones that I created, but rather other sites and chose the keywords in which they felt fit my website the best.

So as you market your website across the web and you submit your site to all the places which it is acceptable to do so keep in mind the keywords which link back to your site are the keywords that you will rank well for. Also make sure you have a selection of keywords you would like to rank well for rather than just using the same one or two keyterms.

Short, sweet, and to the point. This is how you rank well for any keyterm and believe me you can rank well if you build enough quality seo links. I wish you the best of luck and remember that this is a do follow blog so if you leave a decent comment on the post I will be more than happy to publish giving you a free one way backlink just remember that if you spam your wasting your time.


  1. nice post i use to post my links with 1 or 2 keywords :( for my blog but thanks i will vary them from now

  2. Mixing quite a few keywords is a good idea when trying to optimize for a website.

  3. Do you think it makes a difference changing the landing page of the links too? should you pic a couple of pages you want people to link to and rotate those? or do you always link to the home page?

  4. Excellent question "Jobs in SAP" it would be nice if you left your name within your comment so I could answer you. Anyway it is an excellent idea to build external links to sub pages within your site.

    For example when I post what I see as a "good post" I submit it to digg as well as tweet about it. On occasion I ask other blogs to take a look and if they like it blog about their thoughts. On some of the posts I have actually built enough links towards them that they have created their own Page Rank. Anyway yes jobs it is always good to build backlinks to pages which you wish people to come into your site through. I think I will do a post explaining when, why, and how to build backlinks to sub pages thank you for the idea.

  5. Hi Kris, thanks, i would really like to read more on what you think about the subject. Im aware that you can structure the PR of different sites by structuring your internal links to point to certain pages, but i wonder about the relevance of this just since PR isnt what it once was. At the moment i change the anchor text and landing pages of links just to get a more "natural" linking pattern really, despite not really being sure if it makes much of a difference. certainly others seem to think so though.

    BTW, thanks for letting us all post here wth such rediculous names!

    Cheers, Nick ;-)

  6. Hey Nick, thx for letting me know your name. I think rather than posting another case study I will go into link structure/SEO a little more. By the way thanks for commenting you are always welcome here:)

  7. Off site SEO or others might call it link building have a lot of techniques that can be followed to help you increase your site's PR..always make sure, however, that you are using legitimate techniques to prevent your site from getting banned or sandboxed.