Saturday, July 11, 2009

Constant Updates Increase Readership

For this post I would like to cover the importance of having a constant stream of fresh unique content. This does not only help with SERPs position, but also the return of traffic to your website or blog. Something important to remember is Google constantly searches for the best match when keywords are entered into the query and when a website remains unchanged and stale Google will think it is no longer helpful to their users and let it begin to fall within the SERPs. Now a constant update is not the only way to increase the ranking of your site/blog or how websites reach high ranking within the SERPs.

When you want to rank well in the SERPs there is three factors to keep in mind:

1st and most important is fresh unique helpful content. Though this is the first without the next two you will not get far.

2nd is SEO (search engine optimization) which consists of making sure when Google bot crawls your website it can easily tell where you belong meaning which keywords to list your site under. After watching a couple of videos Matt Cutts (Google Engineer) created I noticed that a small hint he gave is when trying to rank well for a specific term it is important to have that term on your site. So I would like to rank well for website marketing on this blog so I need to have it in my title and throughout my posts. Now there is a flip side to those who stuff keywords (density over 10%) where Google will think the webmaster is trying to manipulate rankings and drop them within the SERPs. My recommendation when trying to find a nice balance is between the density of 3%-6% is a safe balance.

Now with the keyword density it is important to use association for example on my site make money online I try to swap out make money free with make money online and earn money online. Doing this has helped greatly not only be ranked well for the term make money online, but it has helped greatly with ranking well for many different terms. Anyway just a little tip.

3rd is the dreaded backlinks. Personally building backlinks is the most boring part of being a webmasaster and I dread spending time each day building the links. The problem is backlinks are what drive the SERPs pages. Since Google has hit over a trillion URL's according to their offical blog so how can Google tell which website is more important? Well when another website that is not completely stuffed with links (link farm) places a link on your website to the search engines this is a vote kinda. Now when getting these votes it is important to pick what type of vote you want if you want the vote from a crack head then go to the world of spam/"bad neighborhood" and begin throwing your links around. If you want the links from the doctors or lawyers online then get your backlinks from high PR, relevant, and low outgoing compared to incoming link websites. Remember it takes 30 seconds to throw your link on a FFA (Free For All) links page and days if not weeks to work out a promotional campaign with a legit high PR authoritative site. What you need to realize is the one link from the high PR site will be worth thousands upon thousands of link farm links. So either take the time to gain quality links or expect to sit on the bottom of the SERPs.

Now back to updated content; besides being helpful within the SERPs when a visitor visits your blog or site and notices it is helpful they will be likely to return. When they return and find nothing new if you don't have incredible link bait expect to never see that person again. You only get one shot at the return visit to gain a trustful visitor that returns over and over so take the time each and every day to write something useful. If your running short on time find a couple of good blog posts and link to them that way the visitor will see that you are still providing helpful content and will return.

On a last note if you need to check the keyword density of your webpage then use this tool: it is free of course and I have found it very helpful.

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  1. Building links truly can be a tedious task but you need to remember that if your not going to do it, your competitor certainly is! - i have a feeling its going to get easier, the more you get to the top, the more natural links you will recieve - sadly this is still only a feeling at the moment! lol

  2. SAP your right as long as you have a site or blog that is worth giving links to. Sometimes this can be difficult, but if your willing to really spend the time making sure that your site is link worthy it will pay off in the long run.

  3. Having fresh contents on your blog is a must! it's because most people who visit your blog always check out if you have new updates...also having an updated blog can give a positive impression especially to first time visitors...they will think that you're blog will always offer something new so they will check it from time to time.