Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Look into The World of SPAM

Hey guys for this post I wanted to discuss what spam is and why you should not be a spammer. Now as the online communities tend to sway with the Google tide link building and popularity becomes an ever more pressing issue. With this need for link building there are many that understand that they must get their link out to be noticed by Google, but are not exactly sure how to do so and therefore the creation of the spammer is born.

Spam is an advertisement in a location where it is not welcome. For example if you buy a list of email addresses and send those addresses constant emails about how great your product is then you should consider yourself a spammer or lowest form of internet marketer with no chance of acquiring great heights in the webmaster community. Now there are many different forms of spam including forum spam, blog spam, creation of spammy cover pages such as squidoo lenses, and many more.

Well this is what spam is now it is time to discuss why someone may want to spam. Personally the biggest reason I feel that people spam is they are left very little option for proper link building when it comes to what Google likes and does not like. Now Google does not allow websites to sale link space on their website unless they are using them as a middle man through the adsense and adwords program. If you go to adwords you can buy traffic and you will notice that your links will appear on pages all across the internet. So I guess the lesson is if you want to buy link space Google is the only one to do it through. Now I am being sarcastic, if you have the money go ahead and buy link space where ever you damn well please just be sure to work out with the webmaster where your link will appear and make sure that it is integrated into the content rather than being listed under "sponsored listing/sites".

Now if the webmaster allows your link to be on their web presence it is not SPAM. Now a big thing that I have noticed is people wanting to place their ad for their website or blog on forums and this is fine as long as your in a place where it is acceptable to do so. Now it is fine since it is not spam, but I personally recommend staying away from any place that allows you to place your site and does not manually review it. These are link farms which were created to boost a websites link popularity and should be avoided in a marketing campaign where the presence being promoted is not spam itself. In other words if your pushing a good site, blog, service, or whatever and you want to have respect from Google, other webmasters, and the web in general then stay away from link farms, ffa pages, and traffic exchanges. These are the bad places that webmasters talk about and should be avoided unless you yourself are pushing crap. Now I have used link exchanges, but only to push affiliate links since I really don't care how well they rank in the SERPs. For my websites and blogs you will see backlinks from only reputable sources such as high PR article directories and blogs which themselves have gained a quite high PR. Now I know that many suggest that PR means nothing and this is inaccurate. PR (Page Rank) is the authority that a page holds in Google's eyes and has many diffrent factors affecting it. Page rank is based on the incoming vs. outgoing links taking into account quantity, quality, and relevance of the backlinks coming into a site. They also take into account the number of incoming vs. outgoing links so when you decide to create your marketing campaign I highly suggest staying away from link exchanges.

Sorry let's get back onto topic which is forum spam. Don't do it period there is no good reason and when you spam a forum within a week your post will be removed and if you continue you will be banned from the forum. If you would like to get thousands of one way links from forums then treat the community well trying to ask and answer questions on a regular basis. Then once you have become a trusted member within the forum and after you passed the limits of required number of posts place your link using bb code here is an example of how you can place your link in a signiture and get anchored keywords~ [url=""]make money online[/url] and that my friends is bb code and how you get a keyword backlink well thousands depending on the frequency of your posting from forums. When it comes to forums the best forum is V7N Forums the only forum that rather than banned me tried to help me understand what being a good forum member meant and to them "especially Cricket" I am greatful.

Now blog spam has become another huge problem as well. If you comment on a blog for the sole purpose of increasing link popularity do not expect to do well. I run multiple do follow blogs and those that leave a comment about the actual post I publish those that leave even one link to their site I reject their comments. So when blog commenting there are a couple of rules you should follow the first being check and see what type of comments the blogger is publishing. If they allow you to place keywords in the name you will see others be doing this and being published. Now no matter what do not leave a big ad where the comment goes this is a no no and even if the blogger is publishing I highly recommend you writing a comment about the post rather than leaving a spammy ad.

The third type of spam is creating a web presence for the sole purpose of building links. You can see these all over though Google has done a great job of finding and crushing these types of presences. Guys it no longer works (creating a wordpress blog and putting thousands of links on it). This is old trickery and should be stopped. Now if your looking to gain backlinks I highly recommend you scroll down find "my best posts" and look at the thousands of directories, PR sites, and social bookmarking sites. All of these are great for growing your backlink count the white hat way.

I have to give a shout out to my friend Marcus over at Bookies for keeping me on even though I slack from time to time. We will get you to the top of SERPs!


  1. Yes, you are right, but, can I give comment on your article ?

  2. Please do that is what the comment section is for. Please be constructive.

  3. That is one big no-no in forums and is often frowned upon. Sad to say, there seems to be no stopping them. I still see a lot in forums, creating one liner threads, breaking even the simplest rule, it's annoying! There may be ways to stop spammers but they too have ways to get around spam-filters.