Friday, July 3, 2009

Content Vs. Links

The question of the century what should a webmaster/blogger focus on getting exceptional links or having the best damn content online. Everyone knows that links are what drives the algo behind the majority of search engines, but to get very high PR links seems to be a full time task itself. Personally I feel that gaining one way links comes with making content worth linking to which for any internet marketer will cut into their online marketing time. What you must get through your head is the time working on your site = double the time you spend marketing. In other words you spend 12 hours building your webpage this equals 24 hours marketing.

A concept somewhat difficult for newer webmasters that don't understand that the blogosphere and in fact entire web 2.0 is always looking for excellent content to talk about and every hour you spend working on your site's or blogs content making it better and better is an hour closer on being the talk of the web. Anyway I found this video where Matt Cutt's a Google engineer who works on the search aspect of Google discusses the argument of which is better links or content~

I know not even the words from the mouth of Google will sway many, but hopefully it will reach the ears of some wanting to know why they are not number 1.


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