Monday, July 20, 2009

Case Study #2: Focus On Content

Well it is time for another case study and for this one I want to layout a plan which rather than consists of outside resources consists of internal improvement. There is a lot of talk about content being king and personally I am split with this. I have seen websites and blogs that have crap throughout their pages, but the webmaster/bloggers spent 1000's of hours building links towards the site to put it at number one. Personally I feel that these "troopers" have heart and understand without a doubt the marketing grind, but if they would spend half the time working on their site or blog and had the links happen naturally perhaps they would hold the top spot with only half the work. So let's get onto a monthly marketing plan which does have some outside marketing, but a larger focus on creating a website which is worth linking to.

Week #1
4 Hours each and everyday either reading about your niche or updating content within your website/blog.

Estimated time 28 hours
Estimated price $0.00

Week #2
Mon-Fri spend 4 hours daily on content and/or research and updating

Sat-Sun Outside promotion spend one day on social bookmarking and one day on writing and submitting free press releases. I have a list of both these resources if you scroll down and find "my top posts" 55 social bookmarking sites and 10 free press release distribution sites.

Estimated time 30 hours
Estimated price $0.00

Week #3

Take three days off mon-wed

Thu-Fri 4 hours updating/adding content to your blog/site
Sat-Sun 4 hours finding the other sites in your niche and doing checks such as backlinks and keyword density

Estimated time 16 hours
Estimated price $0.00

Week #4

First three days Mon-Wed 4 hours daily updating/adding content
Wed-Sun spend 4 hours daily split between social bookmarking, press releases, and writing articles and submitting them to directories.

Estimated time 28 hours
Estimated price $0.00

Well case study two down three more to go. Like I said this one should be spent working on your site. If you need resources to research try and both offer excellent info for you to come one step closer to being the top expert in your niche. This should be the strive of any webmaster/blogger and once accomplished there really is no need to do much marketing since when you write a post or update your site the whole niche will take notice. Anyway I hope you enjoyed the post and if this blog helped please give a link.

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  1. This is a good example of how to manage your time between content creation and link building...I'm sure after a month site owners can see a lot of improvements on their site's ranking and popularity not only on search engines but most especially to their target visitors.