Saturday, July 25, 2009

Case Study #3 Offline Marketing

Well this one will probably the most expensive since there really is no good free way to market your website offline. Now personally I really prefer free everything. As of right now I have spent $25.00 on marketing and it was probably not the best $25.00 which I have spent. I have made several hundred dollars helping others market their sites (using free resources). The problem with free marketing is you must run a site or blog which is appealing and really offers something to your visitor. This can be quite difficult and usually means having your site or blog in a constant state of change being sure to find new and better ways to help the traffic which crosses your site. Now if you are an e-commerce site this can be a bit more difficult, but is still quite possible. Some different ways to really offer more than your competitor is pick something that sets you apart which can be something as simple as a sale then market the hell out of it. You can also offer the best customer assistance around, the largest inventory, or several other ways in which your business beats out your competition. If you don't do this then your marketing efforts will not take on wings of their own so FIND SOMETHING which sets you apart and market too your target audience.

Anyways on with the study. First week you should be printing off all the basics and if you don't have a printer for your computer then get one because you will be printing thousands of fliers and business cards so make sure it can do both. For the first week I recommend printing off 2,000 business cards and 1,000 fliers for your site. This will take quite a bit of time and with the fliers I recommend switching it up regularly with different pics words and overall layout doing tests to find which layout brings the best return.

For the second week it is time for distribution. This is where you keep hundreds of business cards in your pocket and if you run into a chance where you can promote your site face to face be sure to hand them your business card with your site printed on it. The fliers should be placed everywhere legal such as convenience stores, gas stations, and grocery stores. When possible try to hit your target audience for example I run a make money site at make money online and took a bunch of fliers to the unemployment office. Now I live in a small town, but after we hit a dip in the economy I hit a peak in traffic and quite a bit was local.

The third week will be newspaper ads and I recommend either after having the ad written for you or you writing the ad to take it online and use it in your press release distribution. This will be very helpful if it gets picked up by reporters and the newspaper ads will help you gain exposure locally as well.

The forth week should be devoted to T.V. exposure as well as radio exposure. Try and find the best price when looking into these types of advertising and if possible take time researching your target audience finding not only the best time, but best channels for your target audience. This way you may lack on quantity of traffic, but the traffic which you get will be very targeted and easily converted. Perhaps your asking "is this effective" well if your ever watching TV late at night you will notice many make money websites which still utilize/dominate the late night infomercials. Now the majority are scams and flat out lie about how easy it is to work online. I know this from personal experience I bought a website from one of these late night scams and got a website for $300.00 which was a duplicate of thousands upon thousands of others and I was unable to make a dime. If you want to spend money on a website hire a web design company and of course I recommend my design and seo company at Web Design and SEO Services for all of your design and marketing needs. I made sure to undercut the competition and feel it is the best for your dollar. Anyways TV and radio are still very powerful marketing tools and if you have the money I highly recommend using them.

Well this will be the most expensive of the campaigns ranging from a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars, but these marketing platforms are excellent resources to promote a website. Be sure to do your research and really get to know your target audience before you begin this study so your not wasting money placing your ad in front of people which have no interest in your product or service. I hope you enjoyed the post and if you try this campaign please let me know by commenting on the effectiveness.

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  1. Offline marketing, just like online marketing can also be very hard and costly to have to consider a lot of things first before you can come up with the best marketing campaign...however, in my opinion, online marketing have more edge compared to offline marketing because you can reach many prospect customers at a shorter time and lesser cost.