Monday, July 13, 2009

Don't Give Up!!

The hardest thing about reaching the top is getting over that ugly feeling that hits before becoming successful. Any that wish to reach the top for any search term they want can do so, but must work and in the majority of cases extremely hard. Internet marketers are the absolute toughest SOBs out there and are willing to put their site/blog up against millions saying I am the best or my site will help people more that yours. Guys you want traffic and usually want it from Google. Personally I have done this within months, but only after years of study and the heart to do so.

While you read this you perhaps are thinking "years?" I don't have that time. Well you really don't need years it is possible to reach a great spot in the SERPs (search engine results pages) within months. Now if you would like to learn I suggest becoming a reader on this blog and using comments to ask questions. You of course should also be a participant of the greatest forum online which is I am on this forum daily helping anyone that asks about internet marketing.

Really and truly if you want to succeed all you need to do online is try and never stop learning. I have found it very easy to make money and quickly and if you don't give up so will you. Now it is ok to take a break whether it be from blogging or your website, but don't forget about it. At most a week should be the longest your away from your web presence. Now I would like to explain why you should not give up even though you think your efforts are meaningless.

When you begin your online campaign and start building up links more than likely you will not see any traffic especially from Google. Each day you spend a couple hours working on your marketing campaign pluging along and you keep in your mind that "soon this will count for something". First days pass then weeks and finally it has been months since you have begun your marketing efforts. After all this time you keep in your head "soon this will count for something". Let's say three months have passed and you have built 5 thousand backlinks, but are only getting 5-10 hits from Google daily this my friends is the breaking point of most people. They don't understand that soon if they stay with it there efforts will be paid off. Remember that your work will be recorded by Google and each link is giving you a slightly better position.

When you build your website or blog the majority of people coming from the real world think that they work and hour they will get paid an hour. This is not the case the first 1000 hours is you setting up a foundation and getting to the point of becoming a contender within your niche. These hours Will Be Paid Off! The problem is they will be paid off later rather than while your completing them. You build those 5k links they will stick with your website forever and keep you on top of Google. Of course you will have to keep building, but nothing compared to reaching the top. So while your working on your marketing campaign keep in mind that the work your putting in now is what will separate you from the pack later and is mandatory for anyone trying to make it online. So DON'T GIVE UP your efforts will be paid off.


  1. thanks for this, gives me motivation and hope!

  2. I am glad any website or blog will see success if the webmaster/blogger does not give up.

  3. do you really think its about the amount of inks not the quality so much then?

  4. You know, I personally have seen websites and blogs which do not update hold the top of SERPs for keywords getting more than a half million. If Google was interested in the "quality" of sites then perhaps rather than keeping sites ontop of Google because of the links that "they built" why not place more importance on how fresh the content is on the website or blog. I hate the fact that it does not matter "how good" your site is the only thing that matters is "how good" the links are to your site. I hate the fact this is the case I enjoy posting much more than linkbuilding, but to get to the top of SERPs the only way I have found to do so is to personally hand build thousands upon thousands of backlinks to my websites and blogs. It helps to build link bait, but even really great link bait usually needs the webmasters help to reach the top spot. Anyway whats on in cardiff I hope this answers your question.

  5. Yes! If you give up then you won't be able to know if you will indeed succeed or not..;) that's why in whatever you do always be sure to do your best and not give up right away.