Thursday, July 9, 2009

Become The Authority

Well back again for another mediocre post:) Today I want to discuss how and why to become an authority when trying to make it online. First and foremost if you ever look up one of the top bloggers you will notice they usually have well over 100k links. Now when a new webmaster looks at this they wonder how in the hell is that possible especially when they spend 12 hours daily building links and only have a few thousand. Well the major blogs that have a tremendous amount of backlinks DID NOT BUILD THEIR OWN. How these bloggers/webmasters reaches such tremendous heights on the amount of backlinks was through link bait.

In short link bait is a creation that sparks attention. Link bait can be video, audio, or text and the niche really is not a consideration. Really the only thing that link bait creations have in common is the ability to be difficult to recreate so the blogosphere/webmaster world chooses to link rather than recreate. Personally my best link baitable post was the top 55 social bookmarking sites that every webmaster needs which you can find on the right just scroll down until you see "my top posts". Anyway what I did was spent a couple of days and looked through hundreds of social bookmarking sites to find the most helpful to webmasters and bloggers.

Throughout my surfing I have come across several forms of link bait. The most common is like mine which is lists. The reason a list is such a great form of link bait is the majority of good lists usually hit the favorites of surfers and when the person who places your list in their favorites wants to discuss the subject usually your link will come up. Now a list is not the only way to create link bait. From what I have read at Yaro's blog he feels that creating a mini-book less than a hundred pages and give it away for free. Now I know this sounds crazy, but once people get a great mini-book from you they will want to share it with all of their friends which gets you links.

The last type of link bait I would like to discuss is flat out becoming the authority. You are the authority when what you say goes no matter what it is. If you tell the world blue is not grey and a few hundred thousand people stand behind you guess what, you have become the authority. This power is very difficult to get and easy to lose so be sure to always tell the truth and when you find that a post was not entirely accurate retract it immediately. This will help you stand out as one of the few constantly searching for and publishing the truth. Now don't expect to become the authority over night it will take months if not years of hard work the best and only way to become the authority and therefore turn each post your create into link bait is to keep trying and don't give up.

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  1. Absolutely, Internet world is no different than real world and you need to work very very hard to earn respect among bloggers and from readers. In fact, on Internet it's even more difficult to be a authority because there are so many blogs so the competition is very fierce.

    Keep working hard to achieve your goal in an online world and make sure whatever you do in terms of building links, it remains within the guidelines of Google.