Sunday, July 19, 2009

Keep Building

Hey guys sorry I have been away for a while, but I have been building a new website which offers web design and linkbuilding services if you want to check it out here is the link~ It is very new, but I got it listed into Google's index within hours. I did this by building a few high authority backlinks if you would like to know the ones I used; scroll down and on the right side of this blog and in the my best posts there is a list of 55 social bookmarking sites useful to bloggers which will help get yours listed as fast.

Now onto the post. Over the past few weeks my website make money online has been suffering. The traffic has gone down from over a hundred hits coming from organic sources daily to less then fifty. I have been taking a break as I said with the construction of my new site, but I am still confused why the traffic has dropped so dramatically. This coming from seeing older sites not update or market for months and still hold excellent position within the SERPs. After thinking for a while I decided to do some research and I came up with something very interesting the websites which were beating me in the SERPs out marketed me. They built more quality links then I had and were pretty much stealing my traffic.

Well I wanted to understand why and when I ran checks on the older websites which held excellent position within the SERPs what I came up with was the websites which held top rank had enough backlinks that catching the site would be nearly impossible. So when wanting a spot at the top of SERPs which holds plan on making it a long term goal and begin linkbuilding. The key is build as many links as possible and when you get sick and tired of building links take a "little" time off then continue building links until you are so far above the other websites whithin your niche they would not even consider trying to overtake you and settle for second place.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed the post remember that this is a do follow blog meaning if you post a comment about the post if you spam me the comment will be rejected. Please try and make the comment over 100 characters anyway thanks for reading.


  1. You can always just build a google xml sitemap and get your entire site listed within a few seconds :o)

  2. well, i dont think the xml sitemap works in seconds but certainly can help, i personally stick to getting high qual back links as my prefered method

  3. Nice clean design on the site, I like it!

  4. To all three of you PLEASE LEAVE YOUR NAME in the bottom of your comment so I don't have to call you out by comment title. Now first off Blog marketing I have not only submitted a sitemap, but also the site itself into Google and they ignored my site until I built a few quality backlinks. If your site has no authority then Google Bot will take its sweet time going over the site even if you tell it to by submitting your site to Google. The reason to submit a site map is it gives you control of which pages Google will find important very useful.

    SAP Jobs you are right no site can get indexed within seconds- even though Google is constantly updateing their index it still has over a trillion URL's which it crawls so no matter what you do it takes at least a little time. Even the pros it takes a couple hours to get indexed and the majority of these guys have very authoritative sites to get backlinks from. Anyway it is well known the best way to get indexed by Google is not to submit to them, but to build high quality relevant backlinks and have the site SEO'd.

    web site design leaving a comment like that makes me think you did not take the time to read the post. I am going to leave your comment up as an example what not to do there is nothing in your comment that has anything to do with the post and if I see anymore that look like they are from an automated source they will get deleted. Anyway please try and improve your comments from now on by leaving a comment about the post at hand rather than just a general one about the blog itself thx.


  5. It's true that you have to continuously build links for your website to make it climb or even just stay on its position..I suggest that you also try doing some Google local rankings to find which sites link to your competitors' can then submit your links to those said sites.