Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bounce Rate IS NOT Always Bad

Hey guys I am back for another post this time discussing bounce rate. First off bounce rate is when someone hits your site then "bounce" to another site. Here is a good page explaining it:

So if a visitor comes to your website then clicks on your blog which is hosted on a separate domain your bounce rate just increased. What if a visitor comes to your blog then leaves through an adsense add? So when you sit back and worry that your bounce rate is rising personally I sit back and worry when people are spending to much time on my site rather than going to the numerous profitable systems I promote.

This is me I really like making money and if you notice my website make money online you will notice that I help others do the same. Now if you really want to decrease bounce rate which in turn will more than likely decrease the amount of money your web presence is making then there are several ways to do so.

Put your content before any and all ads. This will decrease the amount of money your website is making, but the visitors will tend to stay longer decreasing bounce rate. Really I recommend anyone trying to decrease bounce rate make sure as soon as the visitor comes into your site you make it very easy for them to not only see what your site is about you should also be trying to convince them that the site is exactly what they need.

Now this is a little easier said then done. I have found when looking over webmaster forums the question comes up ten time more "how do I get traffic" then "how do I increase conversions". This is important since all "traffic" does is burn up bandwidth, but if you work on increasing conversions the traffic actually becomes money. So one tip I would like to share is quit worrying about the bounce rate especially if they are converting in your affiliate programs or going to read your blog these are better than the visitors that spend two hours reading on your website or blog.

These are of course my opinions and should not be taken as fact. Like I said before I consider my self an expert marketer and have built a site offering my services at Web Design and SEO Services so if you need help with optimization or link building be sure to buy some of my time. Anyway I wish you all the best of luck and hope you enjoyed the post, I will be finishing the case studies later I need time to think of some creative ways to market a website.

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  1. All points you mentioned are valid, Kris. In my case, content is and will always be king. The ads and the affiliate money-making, get rich buttons - I consider them all as bonuses. If people click then and I get extra cash for spending then great but my focus will always be on getting a steady flow on traffic back to my site. I find that a lot more important.