Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Important Tags To Know When Blogging

Now I have showed you how to get thousands of one way backlinks and how to appropriately ask for a link exchange. I think for this post I will cover how you can cut down on the bounce rate and outgoing VS. incoming links. These will help in your SERPs position and make sure someone that wants to become a reader will sign up rather than clicking on a link going to another website or blog that you are talking about and forget your blog. I will also be showing you how to make a text box so you can place code in case you want to make it easy for people to copy and paste the HTML code to their website getting you a free one way backlink.

The first little piece of code I will be showing you today is the rel="nofollow". This is what you use when you want to list websites, but do not want to give backlinks. I use it on all of my lists to directories, social bookmarking, and article directories. If these websites want the nofollow removed they email me and ask if they have a good offer on where they will place my link without the nofollow I remove the nofollow and let the link juice flow. This is what stops a website or blog from losing link juice and Page Rank. If you have 1000 incoming links and 10000 outgoing links it is pretty much the same as having 1 or 2 incoming you lose a lot of the authority coming in if you throw out way more backlinks that are coming in. These are only my thoughts I feel that you should have way more links coming in than going out. Personally I follow the 1/10 ratio meaning every 10 links coming in I will send out 1. I feel this is what has put me in the top 5 for website marketing blog on Google and until I see concrete proof that having tons of outgoing links does not matter I will continue to use nofollow. Anyway let me show you how to use it on a link you place on your site or blog:

The nofollow will stop the "vote" from your site or blog to the link you are pointing to. Now don't be a jerk with this in other words don't offer a link exchange then make the link nofollow. This will come back to bite you since webmasters/bloggers are anal about their links so they will notice if you are being unethical in your marketing practices. If you do this you will be partaking in the art of black hat SEO and it can damage your credibility so DON'T!

Now let say you want to give your visitors a link to a valuable resource, but you don't want to have them leave. This is when you use the tag target="_blank" and what this does is opens up another window which can be annoying at times, but if you want your visitors to check out a resource and you want to have them remember your site or blog this is a very good tool. When I place a link that I think my traffic would enjoy I do not want them leaving my blog only to never return again, I want them to check it out by opening a new window forcing them to close my window. This means if they don't want to become a reader it is their choice rather than an accidental click off my Blog. I hope you can see how this can be useful. Anyway this is how you implement it into your links:

If you want throw the rel="nofollow" in as well stoping link juice from passing. Anyway the nofollow will help you decide how many outgoing links Google will count on your blog or site and the target="_blank" will help you keep your traffic with your site/blog rather than leaving on some resource that you show them. Now lets say at the end of a post or even on your website you would like to show other bloggers/webmasters your chosen link code. I use this quite often and have found it useful so I hope you will to. Now this is going to be difficult since the the box is actually what I will be showing you anyway let's see if it works.

Now this is what I usually put at the end of my posts~ If you have found this blog helpful please help me by giving a backlink just copy and paste this code:

Now that is how I use the code feel free to use it to explain any html or use it as I do by making it easy for my visitors to help me out with a backlink. I highly recommend learning html and the site that I use is W3 Schools all their tutorials are free so please take advantage.

To end I really need you guys, there is a new webmaster forum that looks great I just signed up so it would be an excellent place to discuss anything you would like to. Anyway look for me on it my name will be kbeus21 here is the forum Webmaster Forum. I hope to see you on and chatting make sure you make note that you came from my blog:)


  1. Hello there.

    Great post! Very informative and I learned a lot. Thanks for writing it. Check out my blog as well if you have time? Thanks :)

    Abby Jones

  2. I hope this information will help greatly with your online endeavors:)

  3. very informative post can u plz tell me weather java script in link blocks spider or not?as it is also a way to stop the pr leakage

  4. Thanks for these codes...they are very helpful...In my case, I prefer my blogs and sites to have a "nofollow" attributes not only because it can help me generate traffic but also I can help my fellow bloggers and site owners by sharing them some of my link juices.