Thursday, July 2, 2009

Relax and Focus On Your Content

This has to be the most hypocritical statement I have ever made, but perhaps it is for me. Guys I love to write and over the past year have learned tons of great info on website marketing, but I feel after showing you how to build backlinks and really grasp social media I have forgotten the key to any marketing campaign which is build something worth the page it is written on. The biggest mistake you can make is creating a web page, web site, squido lense, wordpress blog, or any other online creation for the reason of purely making money and really succeed.

It is so important to build something you are passionate about and rather than spending 100% of your time (which is one of my biggest mistakes) marketing, work on the content of the web site (referrers to all online production). I jumped from blog to blog leaving my comments (comment spam) without taking a few minutes to read the about me page and perhaps truly discuss a subject with the blogger. I have thousands of friends all across the world which I neglect for the sake of writing another article or making another video. Truly neglectful and poor networking.

You know I get contacted daily with link exchange requests and guest post opportunities that I usually don't respond to, don't get me wrong I make enough to do this full time, but I really think that perhaps I have been sending the wrong message to you. Take time and really fall into the web 2.0 rather than worrying about your next backlinks (perhaps I am addicted to backlinks) I mean in the last three months I build well over 10k backlinks to my website For what first page position of the key terms make money free and earn money free. Don't get me wrong the work has paid off I get at min 50 unique daily just from Google alone, but if I were to really connect with some successful people I really feel that I could be doing so much better.

It is not all about the networking if I were to spend hours on my posts rather than just a half hour to 1 hour perhaps the content itself would have spiked. I should have at least 500 posts really divulging in the art that is marketing and my blog would be a smash hit right now with 100k backlinks though perhaps that is not how it works online. To tell you the truth I want to be an expert in my niches and feel that I have made excellent headway, but rather than becoming an expert through pure marketing I want people to come to my blogs ready to learn not just because they typed website marketing blog into Google. Do I know how to get blogs, websites, forums, cover pages, to the first page of Google for very competitive keywords ya and really it is not difficult work just boring and extensive.

If you make it about your reader and making the best experience for them I feel that you will reach the top of Google. Look at the top bloggers and you will notice none without at least 50k readership backing them and when they read something exciting on the blog don't you think they will want to share it? Of course it will get emailed or you will get a free backlink on their blog talking about you and your work.

Well this is what I am going to try and do make it about you and when I find something online that will help you succeed after trying it I will let you know for free. One more promise I will not be like Yaro and/or Court and start a program where I charge you to learn when I find something new helpful or have tips to share I will give them freely and this will not change. Perhaps this openness will be the key to success or they might have the right idea charge people a bunch of money then use the money to further promote their charging program I guess it is really up to the audience so do you as bloggers want to promote free learning or promote those trying to charge for info?

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  1. Yes, it may sound ridiculous for some to just concentrate on their contents but that is just how things work..people wants to get information from you..the more you provide them with the information they need, the more they will visit your site...this could later on prove to be an effective way of increasing your chances of getting a conversion.