Monday, March 1, 2010

10 Ways To Increase Backlinks

This article is for those who are having trouble within the SERPs and would like to reach the front page of Google. These 10 ways to gain backlinks are all whitehat and the majority will allow you to place keywords between the anchor tags therefore increasing your search engine position for that particular keyword or term. Remember that link building will only work if you have content that is worth looking at and the content on your website or blog has been optimized for search engines.

10. Social Networking- Websites like twitter and facebook allow you to easily place links to your website or blog, but also allow you to work out cross promotional campaigns with other webmasters and bloggers. If you would like to guest post and put a link to your website in the article why not ask your twitter friends if anyone is interested in having you publish an article on their blog.

9. Social Bookmarking- Digg, Stumble Upon, and Reddit come to mind. These websites encourage it’s users to submit URLs into their system to be rated by their visitors. This is a great way to begin a websites internet marketing campaign.

8. Press Releases- One of the biggest ways to increase backlinks that webmasters look over is writing a press release for your website. When your website is completed and you feel that it is news worthy then write a press release and submit it. If a reporter or news website thinks that your website is newsworthy then they will cover the story and you may find your URL on a top website such as cnn.

7. Reciprocal Link Exchange- Websites such as link market offer a platform which makes link exchanges extremely easy. You can always use the old fashioned way of writing an email to the webmaster and asking them to exchange links with you.

6. Directory Submission- The easiest way to gain one way links with your keywords in the anchor text is submitting your website to directories. I personally recommend only submitting your website to directories with a page rank over 2.

5. Article Submission- There are thousands of article directories on the web and quite a few allow you to place links within the actual content of the article. They also people to come and take your articles to publish on their websites which means your link from one article may find itself on many different blogs and other publishing websites.

4. Create Free Web Pages- Websites such as squidoo and hub pages allow you to create single pages for free and as long as the content is good you are allowed to place links to your websites and blogs. If you choose to use squidoo pages for backlinks it is a good idea to build backlinks towards the squidoo pages themselves.

3. Forums- Another easy way to gain one way backlinks is through the use of forums. All you need to do is know a little BB code and place the links in the signature. My Internet Marketing Forum allows you to place three links within your signature.

2. Free Traffic System- Do a Google search for the free traffic system and sign up. This is the system which I have used to gain thousands of backlinks for all of my web presences. Simply put you write an article and they publish it on blogs keeping your links intact.

Free Traffic System - Increase Targeted Website Traffic with Free<br />Unlimited One Way Links

1. Link Bait (Create Linkable Content)- This is the most important link building technique period. If you spend enough time making sure your content is top quality and worth linking to you will not need to build links. I have found when I write a really good article or blog post other webmasters and bloggers will link to it without me doing anything or asking for the link. If you are not sure how to create link bait I recommend doing a search for “how to create link bait” in google.

Well these are the ten which have pushed my websites up into the top ten of Google for every keyword I have ever wanted and I highly recommend you use them.


  1. Yes i think social bookmarking,blog commenting,forum posting are the great way to get back links and really helpful for link building as well.

  2. yes definatly, which would you say is the number 1 way