Monday, March 1, 2010

What Sets Me Apart

This will be the defining question of your internet marketing campaign and will be the deciding factor of whether or not your brand will stick. Remember when you are online there are millions of people wanting the same thing you do which is to be a success. Do not start a generic website in the hopes that ok content and a couple backlinks means thousands in monthly income. On the other hand if your willing to build thousands of links and keep relevant updated content on your website you may over time reach the top of Google for highly searched terms. If you are able to keep up the content and backlinks then you will be able to sustain the traffic and income. Personally I use:

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But you may find other ways to keep up backlinks. Now even with these basics you will need to find something that sets you apart from the others in your niche. You will need to know more or at least have something unique within your presence. One thing that sets this blog apart from the majority is I focus on where and how to build backlinks. If you look on the right side of this blog there is "My Best Posts" where I list posts such as The Top 55 Social Bookmarking Websites and 5000 Free Directories. For webmasters wanting to reach the top of Google for any keyword these are a must.

So when out there marketing think about what you have that sets you apart. If it is something which your audience agrees with then you will do quite well in the online business world.

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  1. In my case, I believe that content is still the king..that's why when choosing your niche, it's a must that you are familiar and interested with your choosen niche that way you won't easily run out of ideas to write.

    However, I also agree with you regarding building a lot of backlinks, just be careful though that the link building techniques you use are legitimate to avoid being penalized.