Monday, March 1, 2010

Building Visitors and A Brand With Youtube

All types of online marketing have spawned and one of the most popular on the web is video sharing. This is creating a video and allowing anyone who would like to view your video view it. No longer do you need any money whatsoever when wanting to build a commercial now all you need is a web cam and internet access. The problem with this ease of use is everyone uses you tube to upload their videos and it is becoming quickly saturated. If you would like your videos to succeed above everyone else then you need to separate yourself and market your videos externally. Video marketing is usually a marketing platform that is over looked by many webmasters and proves to be a platform which is slowly becoming as valuable as good Google placement. The first part of any video marketing campaign is the creation of the video.

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Creating a video can be a very boring process or exciting depending on how you create the video. It is ok to go outside of your house and record the videos in various places. I have seen videos being recorded in cars, outside (with beautiful backdrops), and other interesting places. The point is if you want to have fun and have it show in your videos then attempt to create the videos at a different place somewhere that throws you off your game. When you are uneasy it means that you will be less likely to babble on and really think. Another important factor on the creation of a video is will the video be helpful, funny, valuable, informative, and why would anyone actually want to watch it. It is ok to tell jokes while you are doing an informative video or tell a personal story so you are not looked at like a robot. This is the ultimate personal outlet so if you really want to get attention then be something different rather than just the same old blah that so many video marketers are.

After your video has been created the next step is marketing. This is done in two ways the first is through SEO (search engine optimization) and the second is through social networking. After the creation of your video it should be placed on your blog, website, facebook, and links should be built wherever possible. It is ok to build links when blog commenting and article writing to the videos URL. Make sure to create a keywords to optimize the link building for if the website is about making money online then a good keyword would be make money online. Build plenty of links and your video will start coming up for searches in the major search engines. The next form of video marketing is through social means. This is done by using social websites to market your video. One big way to do this that many video creators miss is the social factor on youtube itself. You are able to make friends, subscribers, comment on videos, and much more. If you would really like to be successful on youtube then take the time to meet people who are creating videos in the same niche.


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