Monday, March 1, 2010

How to Optimize a Website for Google

Well I wrote this article and I think it will help those struggling with the basics of SEO. I know 4 posts in a day is over doing it and I should have spread these out, but i really don't care it will still be helpful to someone I am sure:) anyway here is my article:

This article is meant to be a basic guide for those who are not sure how to even begin optimizing a website for major search engines. If you have specific questions about the process of optimization then I suggest that you visit an Internet Marketing Forum. To begin SEO (Search Engine Optimization) you must first understand what exactly your trying to do. SEO is when a webmaster uses both on and off site tactics as well as on and off page tactics to rank well in the search engines. There are ways to rank well ethically called white hat SEO which is what this article will be focusing on as well as ways to rank well unethically called black hat SEO (I highly discourage any type of black hat optimization). SEO should never come before your website or blogs readability, visual look, or usability.

To begin optimizing your website pick the niche (category such as business or marketing) you would like to create your website in. Then choose between 10-20 keywords you would like to rank well for. When choosing keywords I recommend using the Google adwords keyword analyzing tool which shows you the amount of times monthly a particular term is searched for. Once you have found a few good keywords/terms which bring in enough traffic to make as much money as you want begin placing them in your meta tags and throughout your content. Make sure the terms are very relevant to your niche and to the website itself. Personally I am in the make money online niche and make sure to place the terms “make money online”, “make money online free”, “make money free”, “earn money online”, “earn money online free”, “How To Make Money Online”, ect. throughout my content and within the title meta tags and in my description meta tag. As google crawls my website they will notice that my website is about how to make money online.

Now you have your website up filled with terms that have large search volumes and the content with the terms makes since and does not repeat over and over it is time to begin building links. There are many different places to build links my favorites consist of article directories, general directories, the free traffic system, social bookmarking websites, blogs, social networking websites, and press release websites. Remember the backlinks which will push you up above the rest are going to be one way, on relevant webpages, and on high authority web pages. The links will also need to have the keywords you want to rank well for within the anchor tags. If you are submitting your site to general directories then placing your keywords in the title box will put the keywords between the anchor tags and help your search engine rankings for those keywords. Also when building links make sure to switch the keywords not building links for only one keyword or term.


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