Monday, March 1, 2010

Learn About Backlinks

The best way to increase traffic which will help you make money online free is to increase your backlinks and make sure you understand how to anchor keywords within your backlinks. To begin a backlinks is a hyper link from an external website to a website which you own. The main reason for backlinks is they show the popularity of a website the more backlinks the more important or popular that website is at least in the eyes of major search engines. Backlinks are not the only necessity of web development and marketing you will also need to create fresh unique helpful content on a regular basis. If you spend enough time creating your content then other webmasters and bloggers will link to you lessening your link building work load. This of course can only occur after you build at least some backlinks letting the world know you exist. If you are able to create both excellent content and keyword optimized backlinks you will be able to increase traffic and succeed online, but where to get backlinks is a difficult task even for the most experienced webmaster.

Personally my favorite place to learn about linking and other internet marketing aspects is in a whitehat internet marketing blog. These blogs are great when you need to stay on top of internet marketing topics. There are many blogs that help with internet marketing aspects. If you would like to find some of the top blogs within this niche go to google and type in “internet marketing blog” or “seo blog” and you will find hundreds in each category. If you are unsure which ones to follow begin reading and if what the blogger is saying actually works and makes sense then follow them if they don’t move onto the next blog. There are many that spout they know how to get to the first page of Google for any keyword, but out of the thousands I have read only 1% or so actually had really good information on them. Forums are another place that will help you learn about internet marketing, building links, and SEO. Personally my favorite forum is v7n webmaster forum which you can find by doing a google search. The webmasters here are extremely friendly and will help you build an online empire if you are willing to work hard and learn.

Now after the learning you will need to actually go out and acquire backlinks. There are hundreds of ways to gain backlinks online. I am going to cover some of the most basic ways which you should consider following when trying to gain backlinks. The first and most prevalent is general and niche directories. This includes websites such as and other free directories. They are usually free and offer a backlink with the keywords you would like to rank well for. Article directories are another way to get backlinks as well as social bookmarking. One that I have used and seen good results is exchanging links with relevant websites. You should make sure the website is a decent place before linking to them. The free traffic system which you can find by doing a google search is another excellent way to gain backlinks and is one which I have used over and over.


  1. Yes, it's not important how many backlinks you've got in my opinion, it's important how have you built those backlinks. To drive traffic, it's really important to network yourself with other fellow bloggers in your niche and as you've mentioned 'to stay on top about their niche'. When you know about the topic and comment constructively on any blog, the loyal readers of that blog will definitely turn on your site. You've to become a loyal visitor of some good blogs and you'll get a lot of traffic :). It'll help you and those blogs too.

    This was my opinion on how you can get traffic. However link building is not always through blogs, you can have many other ways even in whitehat technique.

  2. Link building is pretty important though. It's especially important to get on high page rank sites as much as possible.

  3. Can you tell me where the white hat marketing blogs are that you go to?