Monday, March 1, 2010

How To Rank Well In Google

Well I have been thinking about this post for quite some time. Search after Search has turned up a bunch of ok guidelines, but mostly crap thoughts and posts done by people who will probably never see the first page of Google for any key term. One thing I would like to make clear if you want to learn SEO or Internet Marketing you need to learn from those making the ranking algorithm. I do know quite a bit and the majority I have learned from three places:

1st. On You Tube there is a channel which webmasters should be watching which is run by Google engineer Matt Cutts~ Google Webmaster Help

Guys this is the only real link that we have with Google. The majority of their ranking system is kept secret the only things they are willing to say is on their website, their blog, and this video channel.

2nd. Doing Google searches. That is right when I need to learn something I search google and go through page after page of results. I will read forum posts, articles, web pages, anything on the topic until I know it like the back of my hand. This is where I find the majority of my resources and should be taken advantage of remember "google it" has become famous for a reason.

3rd. Webmaster Forums. I love webmaster forums and so should you if you want to do well in online business. These platforms allow you to discuss thoughts, ideas, tactics, ect. with other webmasters and learn from their mistakes as well as sharing yours. Take advantage personally my favorite webmaster forum is V7N Forums. Join and ask questions. Also if you would like me to answer any questions about internet marketing I urge you to join my Internet Marketing Forum.

Now let's move onto what I have found ranks my websites and blogs well in Google. The most important thing for any website or online business is content. Google has become very good at taking crap out of their SERPs so if you think you can create a paragraph which is junk on a squidoo page and put a hundred affiliate links then create thousands of backlinks to push your page to the top forget about it. This was once ok, but now you actually have to offer something other than crap. Work hard on your content making it the best you can. If you do a good job others will link to you and you will have to do minimal internet marketing. This is the best way to reach the top of Google.

Now Google also likes popular/trustworthy topics and brands so work hard on being honest when online. If you run a blog try tor really be honest when posting making sure if you post something which is inaccurate you tell your readers as quickly as possible. This will really help when trying to build your authority online. Also be wary of who you are linking to if you link to junk websites such as porn, viagra, ect. then Google will think those are your brothers and sisters and throw you into the category of junk or spam. Link to Good websites for example let say I am running a marketing blog. I am going to link to websites such as SEO Book and SEO MOZ. These are well established and respected sites Google will look at these outgoing links and associate my presence with them helping me out. The point is be careful don't link to those who should not have links.

Build links with keywords between the anchor tags. This is important and should be done. If you have a website with good content which has the keywords you would like to rank well for if you want to reach the top of Google you will need to build links and usually quite a few of them. This is how my website How To Make Money Online is doing so well. Anyway if you would like to build links with keywords anchored I use:

Free Traffic System - Increase Targeted Website Traffic with Free<br />Unlimited One Way Links

It has worked well for me and if you use it then expect to see your link counts go way up. Remember though that you need good content before tons of links. Anyway this is just one of a few I will be doing on climbing Google serps I hit the main basic points with this post. Keep these four things in mind when building a site you would like to see at the top of search engines:
1. SEO
2. Quality Content Creation
3. Link Building
4. Branding

These four things when done right will get you to the top. If you don't want to use the free traffic system I have created a page which shows thousands of other places to gain white hat backlinks: Build Backlinks Free. If you have tips I would love to hear them.


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