Monday, March 1, 2010

True Internet Marketing

Well as my readers have followed this blog I have spouted off how to gain rank in the SERPs. Now I would like to move into something a little more in depth I want to reach the essence of Internet Marketing. Now I am not the number one expert by any means I am a regular guy struggling like the majority of regular guys out there. I do get paid from my online adventures, but I still work my ass off every day. So let's move into some theories that may help those reading this.

The first big misconception behind internet marketing is you should only be worried about do follow links. Guys do follow is great for increasing SERPs position, but it is usually so saturated by links you will only get a small amount of juice. Personally when internet marketing you want your link all over the web whether it is no follow or do follow (without spamming of course). Lets really get into this lets say you do a search for a keyword related to your website. For example I search for "backlinks" in Google. Go ahead and follow along if you want make sure to use the real global Google not a local google.

Now this blog has a lot to do with backlinks and I want people interested in backlinks to either look at this blog or my website Free Website Traffic either one is fine. Now when I do the search I am really interested in the top ten positions really breaking them down. If you are lazy and don't want to go to Google and search here is what I see (I had to shrink the text down to fit all ten sorry):

Now I am sorry if you have a hard time reading it, but I will of course go over the position and what you can do. So this blog I want to be visible for people who are searching for backlinks. On this search I notice that wikipedia is number 1 like usual, but what sucks is that they offer no comments or anywhere to add your website. This is fine we can just move down the list. The second website that comes up for the word backlinks is a sub page of Now usually sub pages that rank well are either articles or blog posts so this is one I should investigate. Well it is a PR 2 blog post, but the comments are closed. So I look for something else there is backlink watch which will not help, then thirty minute backlinks, but then something happens I find a web directory that ranks very well for the term backlinks. I of course submit my website, but this is only the beginning. Close to the end position 8 I see squidoo someone of course built a ton of links to reach the top of Google for the term backlinks. It is a PR 3 lense with only 8 comments and still accepting comments? Am I the only webmaster who is running an internet marketing website that wants to be in front of their audience? I guess me and 8 other people.

Anyway I will be commenting on this squidoo page putting either my link or my squidoo profile in front of potential readers. I will be one of few that actually search my niche to find the true players and when it is ok such as the directory and the squidoo lense be placing either my name, site, or url in front of targetted traffic. Do I care if the backlinks are no follow? Hell no I want my name or site in front of potential readers/traffic don't you? I mean that is the point in ranking well for keywords, but why not place your name, site, or link on websites that are already ranked high? I no longer need to rank well for the keyword "backlinks"
and guess what I will be doing the same thing for building backlinks, build backlinks, how to build backlinks, keys to backlinks, on and on and on. Web comfs had the right idea with their backlink builder try it out~ Backlink Builder it searches google for keywords then pulls websites that have submit link and others. Anyway don't think backlinks are out of your reach you need to be online searching if you want to do well online.

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