Monday, March 1, 2010

Idea Of Internet Marketing Basics

As I thought about todays post one thing was certain I cover the basics a lot. Now from time to time I do go into advanced SEO or creative link building techniques, but usually I am trying to cover what anyone should be doing after the creation of a web presence. The reason I spend so much time on the basics is advanced SEO, Link Building, and all around Internet Marketing is unwritten and unproven. This means I can explain how to do mass content creation mixed with a complex interlinking structure to improve search results for both the URL which you have created the content for and also an external website. The problem is I can't prove that it works and to tell you the truth I am not sure it works. So I stay with the basics and this post again will go over the first 5 things you should do during and after the creation of your website.

1. SEO the content. This means you should think about a niche which really excites you then use google adwords tool ( to check out keywords and see which ones are bringing in the most traffic. ONE IMPORTANT POINT there will be webmasters that tell you not to go for high traffic keywords, you should not listen to these guys. I made the mistake of building links for a keyword which was not searched that much and after 4 months I got first page, but only 10-20 organic hits daily. If I would have picked A high traffic keyword (which I got later) I was getting 100+ organic hits daily so go big and stick to it.

2. Content Creation Plan. If you notice I did not say "content creation" because once you have created your first set of content you will not be done. If you really want to be a hit online you will need to have a plan set out where you write at least a couple times weekly. It will be really important to stick to your schedule the best you can.

3. Content Marketing. It is great to write plenty of articles and post them on your blog, but this is not enough. You will need to get your content on websites with a decent amount of traffic. This will help greatly as you try to make it online. Now as most of you know I have a little site I use for this and it has helped me greatly:

Free Traffic System - Increase Targeted Website Traffic with Free<br />Unlimited One Way Links

anyway try the system out and I am sure you will be pleased with the results.

4. Linkbuilding. The most boring task of any internet marketer is building links one after another. Personally I have built over 50k backlinks to several diffrent presences and I am not even close to being done. You must build and build and build. Anyway if you need to know where I build the links besides the free traffic system here is where I do it:

5. Keep Learning. Now this was the hardest thing since there was a couple of things I wanted to put here, but keep learning has been the backbone of my internet carreer. Find blogs, Internet Marketing Forums, and articles to learn everything you can about online business and marketing. When you stop learning is when the web will change and you will be left in the dust. Read as much as you want until you know everything about what you are learning.


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