Monday, March 22, 2010

Diversify Your Internet Marketing Campaign

As a new webmaster I spent plenty of time in the webmaster forums more specifically in the SEO and Google forums which helped me reach the top of Google for many different keywords. I did see really good traffic and made a bit of money, but later as Google changed up their algorithm my website dropped deep into the darkest depths of the index where no visitor travels. After getting over the fact that all of my work had pretty much been for nothing since I had nothing to show I decided to begin a diverse marketing campaign. This time I would hit all the major traffic sources such as major video, social, and article websites. I would become well known within my niche so if Google decided to drop me once more I would be able to continue getting traffic from various traffic and still have an income. You must remember when marketing online do not devote all of your marketing efforts to only one form of traffic especially if you want to make money online. This article will explain some different methods of gaining traffic from multiple sources.

The first way to get traffic that I would like to talk about is gaining search engine traffic through link building and SEO. This traffic is extremely targeted and monetizes easily. Search traffic is the only traffic that can be easily monetized with Google adsense and other PPC campaigns. To gain this traffic you will need a basic understanding of SEO and the ability to build thousands of backlinks to your web presence. I have found The Free Traffic System a great way to build links and increase traffic. You can also use free directories, press releases, and article websites. When you are building links be sure to place the keywords between your anchor tags. If you place keywords rather than some obscure words or the Url of your website your web presence will begin gaining SERPs placement for the keywords which you place.

The next form of traffic that I would like to talk about is Social traffic. People say twitter is worthless when it comes to traffic, but if I post a link telling my followers about my new product or ask for their help with my new internet marketing forum they have always come through for me. Also when you build social relationships it is much easier to gain rank within the social bookmarking websites since your friends will have no problem digging your blog posts or web pages. Personally my favorite social website is facebook. I join large groups and interact making friends almost each and every day. I then convert a friend on facebook to my blog reader and follower on twitter. Social medias are also extremely fun to participate in something I cannot say about submitting a website to a general directory.

The last type of traffic I would like to talk about is You Tube and other popular videos. Usually a basic web cam great for making informative videos for your niche costs around 30 dollars and when you upload to you tube you are placing your video in front of millions upon millions of potential visitors and blog readers. If you make videos often then you will see your videos coming up in google, bing, and yahoo searches.


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