Monday, March 22, 2010

The Best Link Creation Method

As a webmaster who is driven by the want to succeed with search engines and really make money online there is one thing that I have found beats out most others and that is link creation. When I started my online career I did not care where I got the links so I began submitting to any website that would accept URL’s including link farms and ffa pages. Well this quickly lead to my website being banned (pretty much the worst thing a webmaster can experience). I did not know what to do so I started a new website dedicated to the same niche “make money online”. Rather than repeat the same mistake I took a few months and read everything I could about the correct method of link creation and white hat internet marketing. I had no idea there was a right and wrong path when you are trying to get to the top of Google and I was a little irritated by the fact that Google only liked websites that had links from relevant high authority websites.

The webmaster forums were a great way to start the search for relevant high authority one way links. I asked all the experienced webmasters and every time I got two answers on how to accomplish this task. The first way to accomplish this is to become an authority within my niche the person everyone looks at when they want to find out something about making money online. This was even more depressing since I was in such a populated niche there would be a very unrealistic chance of me climbing above the rest. The second answer I got was create link bait. I found that I did not have to be the expert of a niche to be linked to, but no matter what I needed content worthy of linking to. There are many ways to create link bait some good others can lead to more problems than they are worth.

When you are trying to create link bait keep in your mind what you would link to as well as what would be extremely unique and very hard to duplicate. One of the best ways to create link bait is to be the first to report. If someone searches for news within a niche and you already have a blog post before everyone else then people will find your post within the SERPs and if the news is important enough they will place a link from their blog or website to the piece. The second way to create link bait is when writing make sure to do your research. A good example of this is when I tested which gave more traffic Digg or Stumble Upon. This post took around 3 days to produce with all the stats and the content was linked to very quickly (on the other hand if you do not do research then your credibility will be quickly wrecked and no one will link to you). The last way to create link bait which has worked for me is large lists. Everyone especially webmasters and bloggers want lists of resources so on my blog I made sure to have a post with 500 article directories and a post with 100 social bookmarking websites. I found that these posts by themselves acquired their own page rank. So if you are looking to gain high quality backlinks be sure to create content worth linking to. If you would like to learn more about internet marketing or link building visit my internet marketing forum.


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