Monday, March 1, 2010

Article Marketing Tips

The internet is driven by new information whether text, video, or pictures. People search for the newest product or for an informative article which fits their needs. Now with content creation comes a much more difficult process which is how to get people viewing the content which you have created. This is done by using the multiple social websites and article directories out on the web. If you spend a week researching and writing a large article it would be disappointing if only one or two people was able to enjoy your content. Article marketing when done correctly will increase your article views greatly. Personally I have had videos and articles viewed thousands of times. If the content is of great quality then after the first few hundred or so views the people viewing your work will begin sharing it with their friends and you will see a viral affect, but only if you implement at least basic article marketing tactics.

The first step in any article marketing campaign is the actual content creation. This is the most important part and should be done with great care. When you begin an article make sure you treat the creation as a representation of your web presence and nothing less. If you own a website full of spam and it holds no real usefulness to visitors then it is fine to spend 10 minutes or so writing down poorly written paragraphs and submitting the article to thousands of low quality directories. On the other hand if you have a web presence which you are truly proud of and holds unique and useful content for your visitors then try to take the time necessary when writing your article making sure you are writing a representation of your web presence. Keywords should also be taken into account when writing an article I usually use the google adwords tool to find the most searched key terms then use those key terms in my article titles. When you submit your article to high authority websites usually your website will rank on the top page of Google.

After you have the article written and you are ready to let the web/world read it then begin your article marketing. Personally I start with the web presences I own then branch out from there. Remember Google looks highly on websites that have been recently updated so use your article to update your web presence. The next step is submitting your website across the web into high quality directories and hubs. If you are not sure where to submit your articles search Google for “top article directories” or “list of article directories” and Google will bring up many lists which you can use in your article marketing campaign. The three article directories that I submit each and every article to is,, and these seem to have the most authority and traffic.


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