Saturday, March 20, 2010

How To SEO Your Website

The first part of any optimization is choosing the niche you would like to build your web presence in. A niche is the category such as “make money online”, “fishing”, “internet marketing”, or whatever category your website is about. You want to make sure that there is enough traffic within your niche to support your goals. If your goal is just to practice being a webmaster and discuss a topic then traffic will not be much of a concern, but if you are planning on spending thousands of hours on this website and hoping it will make you wealthy then niche popularity will be an important factor when trying to decide what niche you would like to create your presence for. Once you have picked your niche it is time to begin looking at all the keywords in your niche. You will want to take the top 10 keywords and work them into your website. Personally I like to use two keywords per web page then build links with those keywords in them. You can use one keyword or ten keyword, the great thing about SEO is the lack of right and wrong just what works and what doesn’t.

Now as you create your website with the keywords in mind try not to over populate your content with your keywords this is called keyword stuffing and can have adverse affects on your website within the SERPs. You should also never sacrifice readability, overall visual look, or usability for any SEO. The SEO should only be incorporated where it will not have a negative effect on your website. If the visitor gets to your website, but automatically clicks off because it has ugly SEO crap all over then your SEO efforts will be wasted. Now after the website is created and the keyword rich content is published the next step will be to make every web page suitable for landing equipped with full meta tags.

This is the part of SEO where we focus on the bots. A bot is a program that searches the web for websites then indexes them into search engines. Every major search engine has a bot and the bot is usually named for the search engine it represents such as Google bot and yahoo bot. There are a few meta tags that you should be filling out for every page that is suitable for a landing page (the page a visitor hits your site from a search engine). Remember you can rank sub pages in your website for number 1 if you build links for them. The meta tags you should be filing out is the title and description these are going to be displayed in Google so don’t worry about keywords just make sure that they explain your website very well. Do not put content in the title or description unless it describes your site fully this content is what google searchers will be looking at when they decide if your website is the right one for them. If you have any question about SEO feel free to ask in my Internet marketing forum.


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