Saturday, March 20, 2010

Best Ways To Promote Your Blog

One mistake that many bloggers make is they market their blog the same way they would market a website. This is one mistake that can be avoided if you stick with the social aspects of the web rather than being strictly concerned with SEO, link building, and SERPs placement. Also after the creation of a website you are pretty much done with the content creation, but with a blog you will continue to create content on a regular basis especially if you are trying to make money online. I have found that blogging and blog promotion is much more time consuming compared to being a regular webmaster. Blogging takes quite a bit more ambition and a greater work ethic, but if you are willing to sit down every day and really work hard creating content and networking with other bloggers there is no reason you cannot succeed. You will need to set up a daily schedule which you write and write and write. One good thing with wordpress is you can create a post and schedule the publication of the post at a future date. Whether you write every day or spend a lot of time writing a few posts one day and scheduling them for release at future dates it is still necessary you take the time to write.

When you set up your blog one important thing to think about is the topic or niche of your blog. It is imperative that the niche you pick has people interested in it and you are very passionate about the topic. You should realize that if you want to be successful you should plan on blogging for the next year or two at least so don’t think just because you wrote a few posts your blog is going to explode with traffic. After you pick your niche begin posting personally I get around 50 posts up before I begin marketing my blogs. If you need help with post topics hit the forums and other communities within your niche. It is always a good idea to sign up and participate in a Internet Marketing Forum to learn new ways of promoting your blog. When you decide to begin building links a great place for blogs is the social websites such as twitter, facebook, digg, technorati, and the others. These websites usually have communities packed with bloggers so when you meet new people and they have a blog somewhat relevant to yours you can begin setting up guest posts and other cross promotional campaigns.

Even though you should spend the majority of your time on these social websites it is ok to do some basic link building. A few places that offer free one way links are directories, article directories, press release websites, and the free traffic system (which you can find with a google search). These are great for all web presences, but for bloggers social medias tend to be a bit more productive.


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