Monday, March 1, 2010

SEO and Article Marketing

When you dive into the online business world you will find the golden rule which is fresh new content always wins. Now if you are creating new content there are steps which you can take to get the most out of the new fresh content. You should be aware of the SEO aspect which a new article holds and how to place links throughout the article which have keywords within the anchor tags. I have also found it useful to place the article in multiple places online giving all of my readers and repeat visitors something new. It also looks good to Google when you have your web presences updated with new content it shows that you are not letting your website or blog die.

Now when you begin if your goal is to make money online free you must worry about traffic and the Search Engine Results Position for every article and web page you own. Focus on creating content which is going to be searched for. There is a couple ways to do this the first is with Google adwords keyword tool which you can find by doing a Google search. The second way to find what is being asked is going to forums and social networking sites looking at actual questions. After enough research you will find a great article topic that has been asked about frequently across the social sites. Make sure to take time and think about the best title for your article then double check the search volume and begin writing. It is good to take parts of the title and have them repeat at least once within your article as long as you don’t sacrifice readership. If you notice I have already used SEO within this article and before the end I will have put in article marketing without sacrificing readability.

Now that you have your article written and ready for publication it is time to begin finding the best places to market your article. Personally I really like article directories, my blogs, and the free traffic system. All of these allow me to get the most out of my content in my article marketing campaign. Each of these three things offer a unique aspect for both my traffic and backlink building tactics. When I post an article on an article directory it will be republished throughout the online world and every time it is published the website or blog that it is published on gives me two or so backlinks. When I get published on buzzle or ehow the prestige is what helps my brand grow. Now when I publish my articles on my blogs it gives my readers new content to read and the impression that my blog is new and fresh. The free traffic system is an entire different entity. It shoots my article out to thirty blogs which are related and gives me two backlinks from each blog all for free. Anyway if you want to get the most out of your article marketing be sure to learn SEO an use different publishing platforms.

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