Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Content Creation is Important to Web Development

When I began my online business career which is about how to make money online I was told one thing by many different webmasters and bloggers which was “backlinks rank your website within major search engines”. Well this is not exactly true and in most cases backlinks only have a small effect on where a website will be placed. If you go into the news niche up against major companies such as cnn and forbes you will find that constant update of fresh content is much more important than gaining new text links. I am guessing if the content on the news site is good enough the story will be linked to from related blogs trying to provide their readers within informative content as well as major websites within the niche. Now if you are in a more static niche such as literature, history, or something similar where there is not always new news then backlinks from authoritative websites will be what drives websites to the top of search engines. In most cases though it will be a mix of the two content creation and link development.

A problem with quite a few webmasters and bloggers is they are not sure the amount of content they should be adding to their website. Personally I have found when blogging 5-14 weekly posts is suitable to sustain enough content to keep a blog on top of Google. When creating content write about things you think people will want to look up such as how tos and list of. These kind of titles are typed into Google all the time and if you get a post to the top of Google for a well searched term then you will see a good jump in traffic. Another important thing to do when working on a blog or other web presence is make sure that the URL is well SEO’d. What this means is if you have a blog in your control panel make sure that you pick the permalink that shows the post title rather than just a bunch of random characters. If you have a website then when saving make sure to give relevant names to the folders and save the file with the title of the subpage rather than something like page1. If you put the title which should be the search term for the page it will have a much better chance for ranking high within the serps.

Now after you create content and post it on your blog or website that is not it. Content is one of the greatest marketing tools on the web today and if you want to get loyal readers or visitors then content marketing is a must. There are many different places which you can gain exposure for your work. After the completion and publication of your article on your presences the next step will be publishing your work on top article directories and using social bookmarking. Websites such as digg let you submit every article you create and as long as it is good quality you will probably gain some votes and traffic. You can also use forums within your niche and let people know if for example you write an article on internet marketing you could come to my internet marketing forum post a link and a description and ask the members what they think about it.


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